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Started programming on a Control Data mainframe in FORTRAN IV, back when that was still a new thing. Was apparently quite masochistic, because I kept programming anyway. For that matter, I still do...

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comment What are some good films about cycling?
@DanielRHicks: Yeah, I was a bit surprised it wasn't pretty much the first one to be mentioned...
comment Explaining the effects of frame geometries
Just for those who don't recognize his name, Grant Petersen was the product manager for Bridgestone Bicycles (when they were still made). Bridgestone's bicycles were quite respected (and Bridgestone's catalogs even more so) -- but they were definitely a bit on the quirky side, being almost a direct expression of Grant's ideas rather than the typical design by committee, or anything on that order.
comment Equipment needed for Frame-building?
I'm not sure how a compressor would be used for vacuum bagging -- what you need is a vacuum pump.
comment How do I locate and loosen the rear derailleur hanger bolt?
@Zian: Look around the backside where the bolt comes out the other side of the hanger. A few drops of thin oil (and a 20 minute or so wait for it to penetrate) may help quite a bit.
comment Why is carbon fiber inherently weak? Or is it?
@neilfein: That's almost impossible to answer without doing a lot to quantify what stresses you're talking about. As a raw material, CF is much stronger than aluminium, but designing a usable frame to take advantage of that strength is much more difficult.
comment Why ride a fixed-gear bike?
A fixed gear makes track-standing a lot easier, but isn't really necessary -- there are certainly people who can trackstand on freewheel equipped-bikes as well.
comment Can I get smaller tires without changing my rims?
@Kibbee: You will gain a little -- but with smaller tires, it's also easier to get snakebite (pinch) flats.
comment Are rusting screws a sign of cheap/bad material?
Probably not from scuffing the metal -- probably from leaving a small deposit of other metal (e.g., from the screwdriver blade) embedded in/stuck to the surface. Contact between dissimilar metals (and other electrically conductive materials) increases the chances of corrosion.