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comment How can I fit 6 bikes on a hitch rack?
@jimirings a passenger vehicle seating 8-10 people would be somewhere between an MPV and a minibus. A 'van' is exclusively used in the UK for small commercial vehicles,, e.g. a Ford Transit
comment How can I interpret the intent of and respond to cars behind me honking?
@DanielRHicks you're not wrong, but I'm firmly of the opinion that you can only educate someone by standing up to them. While it might very well be the case that you might not want to educate them (or that they don't want to be educated), the only way the bad driver gets to learn he's bad is by being told - he won't work it out for himself.
comment Camera alternatives for commuting (2014 version)
60fps, absolutely, based on the consideration that if you're thinking about using the video evidence to submit footage or reports to the local police, or even just to name and shame on YouTube or Twitter, then 30fps (particularly if handlebar mounted) doesn't produce good still images. At 60fps (even if from a handlebar but definitely if helmet mounted) you stand a fighting chance of being able to produce legible images showing a good level of evidence of poor roadcraft.
comment Turbo training programs for long distance events
@ChrisH - I tend to use technical podcasts, or just the Breaking Bad box set, but yes - double timing is useful. Still not as much fun as being out on the road, though.
comment Does riding on the sidewalk make it more likely to get a flat tire?
Karma. Unless - and hopefully - you are referring to shared use facilities; riding on the pavement is anti-social and should be avoided.
comment Is there an (un)official rule about twisting back a seat on broken bike for CitiBike or other shared bike programs?
I've certainly not heard of this with London's similar 'Boris' Bikes, but with those there's an explicit fault reporting mechanism on the docking station - - so you wouldn't have as much need to adopt an unofficial rule to deal with the situation.
comment Are there road bike tires invulnerable to popping?
Solid tyres are a no-go for a number of reasons -… - and road bikes aren't really designed for hopping kerbs, maybe you'd be better with a cross, or just a MTB with slicks?
comment Ouch, I'm really sore. Should I take a break for a while? How long?
Nah, just MTFU. Seriously, though, the body can take a lot, so while you might have upped the workload, your body is adapting. Make sure you aren't mistaking soreness through effort with pain through injury, but otherwise while rest is important, don't give up on all the recent good improvements.
comment Do helmets really lose their quality with time even if kept in package?
@J-unior sorry, I'm not familiar with the abbreviation - what's AM?
comment Is having your hands “on the hoods” of drop handlebars safe for braking?
I'd agree - riding on the hoods is fine so long as your hands are big enough to get around them. The only time I ever go to the drops for reasons of braking is on steep descents where your grip on the levers is more sure; braking on the hoods isn't so comfortable when sustained but is fine for momentary use.
comment Is a bike faster than a car for the first ten metres?
Somebody else will be along in a while with some equations, but my experience of such boxes (known as advanced stop zones, ASZs, in the UK) is that cyclists are quicker away because we, erm, tend to predict the green light better than the cars, so there's a time lag before the vehicles go as well as whatever minimal acceleration advantage.
comment How do I estimate how long it will take me to ride my commute?
This is almost the only reasonable answer because while Strava does naturally attract people wanting to race over the segments, those segments allow you to track your relative ability too. The OP is obviously a competitive type wanting to mark himself against the crowd, so I'd whole heartedly recommend Strava for this.
comment Do my Shimano 7900 Dura Ace chainrings need replacing?
If the chainring is visibly deformed to the extent that someone is, independently, pointing it out to you, then that is feasible. It will wear down over time and if you've been particularly hard on it - many bad gear changes for example - a few thousand km is not out of the question.
comment Size medium or large
There are better, more general questions about sizing frames - e.g.…,… - this question will be of little use to anyone else even if someone can productively answer the original.
comment Would you do a 15mile + commute on an electric bicycle? Which one?
This is a poll; it seems like market research for an e-bike company. This certainly isn't a real question in the Bicycles.SE mould - there isn't going to be a definitive answer, just lots of opinions.
comment Why do current, entry-level shimano rear derailers have large-diameter pulleys?
Cheaper materials might need to be made bigger and thicker to be as strong as higher end alternatives? Minaturisation needs to be quite expensive.
comment About 20-30 people bike to where I work. What equipment/supplies should we have on hand?
@mattnz I have a friend who owns a shop who does this - he goes into schools, workplaces, sports clubs and similar with a toolbox and a stand and does simple maintenance on bikes while explaining his methods and showing how easy most of it is. Of course, he is also selling his shop and its services ... but that's not a problem, everyone wins: he gets new customers and people get their bikes looked over and tweaked and learn some new skills.
comment About 20-30 people bike to where I work. What equipment/supplies should we have on hand?
@MarkRushakoff having a stash at work isn't going to be helpful at the time, but a problem on the morning that you've botched at the roadside could then be dealt with at work, rather than possibly risking worse on the return leg, so it's definitely better than nothing. And, of course, at the very least it shows you're an understanding employer - and at the fraction of the cost of a car parking space. And 3 miles is not a long commute :)
comment How to cope with boredom whilst cycle touring?
@Oli sure, I cycle with an earpiece. So do most professionals ... and most drivers drive with their windows up and the radio on. The presence of an earpiece is not, of itself, intrinsically dangerous. Beware, though, that this is like helmets, there are entrenched positions on both sides -… - but then, you knew that when you left a comment like that, right?
comment Do shops that sell used bikes normally also sell used parts?
Yes. Many cities have some form of bike co-op which offers shared workshop space, tools and advice (e.g. - these will generally act as an exchange for used bikes and parts too. Your local bike shop will almost certainly be able to point you in the right direction.