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comment Convert old road bike to comfortable commuter
It looks perfect as it is, it probably just needs a bit of adjustment. I use a 30 year old 531 touring frame and forks with drop bars for my 5.5 mile commute, and also for longer distances - this month I took it camping (15 miles with 20 kg luggage) and on a 100 mile sportive night ride. I have changed the saddle (now has a narrow Brookes), wheels (twice) and it also has 3x10 hollotech chainset.
comment Presta valve top screw missing
This has happened to me once. The threaded bit broke off after over-enthusiastic pumping and the other bit subsequently disappeared into the tube. With a Presta valve, I don't know of a way to change the valve core. An adapter won't add any air keeping capability and the valve caps are intended to keep dirt out of the valve, not air in the tyre. Just buy a new inner tube.
comment Can I use 'normal' shoes/trainers with clipless pedals?
I have SPD pedals on my bike. They have cleats both sides and no platform. I use them with normal shoes when it is more convenient - the shoes I wear vary from leather soled formal shoes, Converse with thin flexible soles or walking shoes with chunky soles. As James says, sometimes my feet slip off but that is down to practice. Usually I only go short distances, but the furthest I've been is about 25 miles with thin soles.
comment Is the 9-speed Sora crankset compatible with 105 11-speed chain?
I have been running with a 10 speed cassette with 8 speed chain-rings for a couple of years now. I use a 10 speed chain.I would not expect that you will have problems with 11 cassette, 11 chain and 9 chain-rings. The chain walls get thinner so you may find that the chain gets stuck between your chain-rings. This has happened to me only once, but I did have to release the screws holding the chain-ring onto the crank to free it up.
comment Choosing chainring configuration
I like the graph. I've done similar in Excel. I found that some software at that does all this. It only does single and double chainrings in the free version. His spoke length calculator is pretty useful too.
comment Pros/Cons of Bar-Ends?
Entertaining technobabble that in no way addresses the question.
comment Removing bike interfaces to reduce likelyhood of theft?
I've found locking my bike to something has worked for me. Choose something that the bike can't be lifted off and lock through the frame and at least one wheel. If a thief decides that he wants to take your bike then he will get it. If he just wants a bike then make yours more tricky to extract.
comment Attach bottle cage to frame w/o mount screws
I don't think that there is any difference between bolt on cages and clamp on ones apart from the pack for the clamp on ones contains some extra bits. I have added "bolt on" cages to my bike using jubilee clips ( around the frame slipped over the bolt on tangs. I don't know whether that brings the cost down though.
comment Is a bike faster than a car for the first ten metres?
There was a demonstration on one of the kids science programs on TV in the UK a while ago. A sprinter, a high performance car and a cyclist did a 10m race. The sprinter won, the car was second and the cycle third (by quite a long way). The explanation there was power to weight ratios.
comment Is a 7 speed chainring compatible with an 8, 9 or 10 speed cassette and chain?
Just to update - I have now added the 10 gear cassette and chain. It's been working fine since July with no change to the chainrings (to date).
comment Are tow-hitch bike racks legal?
In the UK, you need to have your number plate visible and also the tail lights and indicators. As you have a tow hitch fitted, presumably you also have a trailor light fitting. I use a tow hitch bike rack, and for short journeys with only one bike I just stick it on. When I have five bikes on it, I add a trailor board with repeat lights and numberplate.
comment Can I add gears on a bmx?
Many years ago, I used to have derailier mechs that fitted on the axle with a lug that engaged the frame to stop it being pulled forward by the chain. Maybe those are still around? That might need a longer axle.
comment Mounting a 7-Speed Cassette on an 8/9 speed hub
No problems at all with the set up - apart from the cost ...
comment What kind of panniers is this tubus rack flange for?
The old Karrimor panniers had a hook on an elastic cord that fitted into an eye at the bottom of the pannier too.
comment Who has right of way at a staggered crossroad
The green car shows the only time when you are allowed to wait in a box junction - when your exit is blocked only by oncoming traffic.
comment Unscrewing a rounded allen bolt
As well as what has been already said, if it has corroded in place, drilling through the middle can loosen it due to the heat generated. It's a good start for using a drill extractor. Also, if you have a screwdriver that fits the mangled hole well enough that can work.
comment Mixing 9-speed Tiagra and 9-speed Deore XT
Yes, always put on a new chain when you change the cassette.
comment Could I be pumping up my tyres the wrong way?
I found this morning that the barrel on my track pump had become slightly unscrewed. This meant that I was using more strokes than usual to get to the desired pressure, and I couldn't quite get there.
comment Can a (relative) beginner adjust spacing on a 501 cromo road frame?
I would look for wheels with 130mm hubs - these are still quite readily available.
comment Does a typical floor pump have an integrated one-way valve?
+1 I too press down on the press down on the presta valve to make sure that it is moving freely.