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Experienced embedded Linux hacker, currently working on wireless phones.

comment Android/EVO bike mount recommendations
To deal with weather, I've seen a variety of purpose-built zip-top plastic bags that are supposed to keep the touchscreen usable, like rei.com/product/808607
comment Finding a rattle in my bike
Turns out it was my rack -- the metal strips attaching the rack horizontally to the upper part of the seat stay crossed and were hitting each other. While tightening the bolts I broke one of the bolts off, so now I'm down one brace until I get a screw extractor.
comment What's the purpose of cycling gloves?
I have full-fingered gloves that I wear year-round. I try not to ride when it's especially hot but the gloves are fine at 90F/32C.
comment Upgrade my Globe Vienna for commuting and distance riding, or look for a new bike?
How long is your commute? Over what sort of terrain? How often do you commute via bike?
comment Suggestions for outdoor commercial (security/parking) stands
+1. My employer has something similar to this, and it's always worked well for me.
comment Upgrading straight handlebars to drop handlebars
I'm riding a hybrid/commuter bike, not an outright mountain bike. Spot-checking the top-tube length of my bike (57.5 cm for a 55 cm bike, according to the geometry specs on Giant's website) with various other road and mountain bikes suggests to me the geometry is closer to a road bike than a mountain bike. I'll have to consider the fit and geometry.