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I have a variety of bikes - Charge Plug fixie, Dawes audax, a fast Giant TCR Advanced, Boardman hardtail, even a Dutch granny bike (omafiets) - which I ride depending on mood, route and weather. I ride mostly on the road, although I also like the velodrome. I've done some offroading but definitely prefer tarmac.

Home is the New Forest, a rural part of southern England, which offers some superb cycling. But I've also been known to work (and cycle) in London. And I do try and get away with the bike, whether it be short tours or just plonking it on the bike rack when I go on holiday.

I started out riding several years ago to try to lose weight, but I've now trimmed down quite a bit so these days its mainly because I enjoy it. I do my own bike maintenance, where possible, and am also a motorist.

answered Where can I ride Paris-Roubaix style cobbles in the UK?
comment Is this bike worth $750?
I'd suggest a good edit to this question would be something like, "What are the best ways to determine the worth of a second-hand bike?" And on the face of it @Batman's answer looks ideal.
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comment Creaking From Bottom Bracket
what's the frame made of? Have you checked that the cranks are on nice and tight? Did you buy the bike new, or could it be a case of worn parts?
comment Is this bike worth $750?
You say the ride was insanely smooth, so presumably you think its a good bike. As for whether its overpriced, surely you can find this out by looking at bike prices either locally or online? You're asking people for their opinion but this site is mainly geared toward a more objective question/answer format.
comment Road Bike or Hybrid Bike For Paving Stone
@Owen - yeah I think that's quite a common choice. Although I was quite impressed once when I managed to stop my road bike from 70km/h over just a few hundred metres. (After my taillight fell off!). So even road brakes are effective.
comment Where can I ride Paris-Roubaix style cobbles in the UK?
doubt you'd be laughing for long
comment Road Bike or Hybrid Bike For Paving Stone
@pasuedxzbl worth noting though that a Cyclocross (CX) bike is not the same as a Road bike. CX bikes are built for rougher terrain and typically have wider tyres. One reason you might want to go the CX route could be enhanced braking - road bikes have quite simple braking mechs - although frankly the road in your photo would be easily navigable by a road bike. In fact it looks positively inviting compared to some of the tarmac I ride on - on a road bike with 23mm tyres
comment Is it bad etiquette to ride road bike through a small residential area?
+1 for "and why would it be?"
comment Where can I ride Paris-Roubaix style cobbles in the UK?
Try Gold Hill in Shaftesbury, I think that's still cobbled. Think Hovis advert...
comment Are these bikes real from Aliexpress?
@andy256 I think its fair to say that some bike shops are good, others will try to rip you off. Just like any other type of business wherever you happen to be in the world.
comment Name in English of different parts and tools
Sheldon has a French-English dictionary page for a bunch of cycling parts/terms. Including cassettes (cassettes) and freehubs (moyeu-roues libres). Any use?
comment Figures on accidents involving cyclists where motorists are using cell/mobile phones
If you come up with anything, perhaps you could write a blog post and share with us?
comment Bicycle wheel size?
I agree with @BenediktBauer, it's not clear exactly what you're asking, but as a hint, bike tyres have their sizes embossed into the rubber, it will be numbers of the same form as the 20 x 2 1/8 that you mentioned (although since you say you have a mountain bike I would not expect the first value to be 20 - that's more like a bmx size). Failing that, your local bike shop will be able to help.
comment How to choose a good bike light?
Probably a good first step would be to have a look at Nathan Hinkle's reviews on this very site. This will at least give you an idea of the variables and hopefully allow you to decide which are important to you. My link is to his headlight review, he also has a tail-light review.
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comment High-quality commuting bike with “women's” frame
I have a womens' Dutch bike. I bought it for nipping down to the shops but I wouldn't want to ride it for an hour. It weighs 18kg for a start!
comment 1980's bike vs New(er) Models? (Should one stay with an ancient bike?)
I suspect at $500 you'd end up disappointed, you'd really be constrained to the low end of the market.
comment Should I avoid sitting on top tube on my carbon bike?
Yeah, don't stop!