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I have a variety of bikes - Charge Plug fixie, Dawes audax, a fast Giant TCR Advanced, Boardman hardtail, even a Dutch granny bike (omafiets) - which I ride depending on mood, route and weather. I ride mostly on the road, although I also like the velodrome. I've done some offroading but definitely prefer tarmac.

Home is the New Forest, a rural part of southern England, which offers some superb cycling. But I've also been known to work (and cycle) in London. And I do try and get away with the bike, whether it be short tours or just plonking it on the bike rack when I go on holiday.

I started out riding several years ago to try to lose weight, but I've now trimmed down quite a bit so these days its mainly because I enjoy it. I do my own bike maintenance, where possible, and am also a motorist.