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comment Does pedaling while standing damage my knees even if I don't feel pain?
Upvoted Daniel's comment. More generally, anyone worried about their knees should consider reading a little book by Jim Johnson, a physical therapist, called How to Treat Your Own Knees. It is an excellent summary of the scientific and medical literature on how knees work, how to improve their function, and what to do when you have trouble. Another book by him, How to Treat Your Own Rotator Cuff, saved me a lot of pain and effort when I hurt my shoulder several years ago.
comment Clacking noise as right crank goes 'over the top' once per revolution
I had something similar on a bike wheel, it clacked, sometimes wiggling slightly, once per revolution, in that case it was a bearing (in the years before sealed bearings came along).
comment Which foot to put forward when coasting or track-standing?
+1 for "tend to want to stand on your stronger leg." I didn't realize that explicitly, but I knew that for a good start you need to start peddling as hard as you can, which requires your stronger leg. I solved it, without noticing it until it was mentioned, by standing on my weaker leg and having my strong foot on the peddle, but keeping my weight more or less evenly distributed. I need to keep enough weight on the bike that my wheel doesn't spin, but that also helps me start faster and stronger.
comment How should a bicycle helmet fit?
Your helmet should not move or rotate even without the strap if it is sized correctly. Ideally, the chin strap is purely to keep it from coming off of your head.
comment What should I look for when buying a used bicycle?
There really isn't any way to be sure a bike isn't stolen; there is a good article on bike theft and a long discussion of it on HackerNews that people here will likely find interesting.