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comment Titanium frame has a crack - advice needed
You are correct. I have no affiliation with Yellow Jersey, Ltd.. It was just a coincidence that the day before in another bike forum, a person had a cracked steering head that needed repair. This company was given as a possibility for repairs/replacement of the steering head at a reasonable price for an older bike without much value except centimental value. I'm here to help as much as possible, not to "advertise" for anyone.
comment Do road tubeless tyres lose air faster?
Just using a sealant isn't the correct way with tubeless tires. If the wheel area where the tire must "seat" ( seal ), then any dirt or debris on the wheel will allow an air leak. I repaired tubeless vehicle tires for years, and cleaning the rim for a good seal was the hardest part. We had to use a wire brush and a cleaning solution to get a good seal.
comment How to choose rim strip width?
The rim strip should cover as much of the flat part as possible to keep from moving off center too far. You want the rim strip on the flat of the rim, not the sides.
comment Knee Pain and Injury
Most chiropractors are associated with sports medicine in some ways. The chiropractor I go to is also the doctor for our local high school football team. The body takes all kinds of hits from different angles on the gridiron. The chiropractor can be kept busy during a game keeping shoulders and knees in proper alignment. I've taken a blow to the knee at work just several days before a hiking vacation in the Smoky Mountains. Could hardly walk let alone hike up steep trails. One trip to this doctor before the vacation, and my knee was good as new with no pain, and the hiking was normal.
comment What is the right (best) bike for me?
There are recumbents for sale in our area, both used and new, in the $400 to $800 price range.
comment Headphones while cycling
Noise is noise, whether it's in your ear(s), in front or beside you, or behind you. If the noise is too loud for safely operating the vehicle, whether that be a car, bicycle, roller blades, skateboard or whatever type of transportation you're using...that's an accident waiting to happen, not to mention hard on your hearing. I can carry on a conversation with someone while still using the earphones, just as i can when driving my car with the radio on.
comment What tips do you have for making temporary “get me home” repairs?
I always carry an old plastic card ( credit card type ) in my wallet. I have duct tape, electrical tape, and a safety pin and paperclip included with this "fastening repair kit". The length of the tapes can depend on the size of the package you want. I always carry this emergency fastening kit with me and have made friends their own. You'd be surprised how often it comes in handy for something that gets loose on a bike trip or a step saver around the house.
comment What is the stem/seatpost thing on the Bicymple?
It just looks like the only design possible to get the seat as far awar as possible from the handlebars.
comment Where to mount a headlight if the handlebar is obscured by a basket
If you do deide on the PVC route, it could be made ready for paint and be painted any color you desire.