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comment Are there any scientific studies proving the benefits of clipless pedal systems?
There are a number of pro teams out there who are looking for every little bit of power for their cyclists. They all use clipless systems. That's some pretty good evidence in my book
comment Suggestions for winter cycling glasses?
+1 on safety glasses. I ordered a few pairs from an online safety glass store; they are a lot cheaper than clear glasses in the cycling store.
comment What are the 'easiest' ways to determine functional threshold power?
They did change from 2x3 miles to 2x9 minutes. Carmichael talks about in the time crunched cyclist
comment Can too many electolyte supplements be dangerous?
If you are working hard, it is hot, and you are a salty sweater, you can lose a gram/liter of sweat. Do that for 5 hours, and you have lost 5 grams. If you eat lots of processed food, you might be able to make that up, but if you eat better than that (ie mostly fresh food without a lot of salt), you can easily become hyponatremic. Dealing with hyponatremia through salt supplements is pretty common approach if you read the information on sites like ultracycling.