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comment How much of a difference will I notice going from a Mountain bike to a road bike?
Thanks Kaz, profile is a detail I did not emphasize, the mountain bike profile, with your chest stuck out, catches the wind like a sail, I still don't think you can over emphasize the drag low pressure knobby tires have. @Gordon Pittsburgh roads are HORRIBLE, in the summer I run 26mm 110 psi, bent rims or not, I wouldn't do it differently.
comment Is it better to breathe through your nose or mouth when cycling?
Through the years I've heard fitness advice repeated over and over to breath in through your nose and out through your mouth but some people like myself have a restricted nasal passage and we have to breath through our mouths. I've tried to breath in through my nose and quickly it feels like I'm drowning. I have to breather through my mouth to get enough oxygen. All my race photo's have me with my mouth hanging wide open, making me look like... well, a mouth breather.
comment Adjusting disk brakes after taking off the wheel
Quick release tension will effect rotor alignment and wheel alignment in general. This doesn't seem to be common knowledge, so I'm passing that along. And yes mattnz you should set your QR at the proper level and then adjust your brakes, and not set your QR tension so your brakes don't rub.
comment Cycle training to prepare for first racing season
The first one Brad, 85% of 189bpm is about 160bpm. So keeping my heart rate above 160 or going above 85% of my max heart rate.