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comment How can I evaluate a used road bike i intend to buy?
You can sport wear on the cogs if they look like shark tooth, pointy at the top and than concavely widening downwards. Although I agree that ideally the cassette and chain would still be good, they are fairly easily replaceable. The chain costs roughly around 15€/20$ and I'm sure you could borrow or buy a chain tool for cheap. The cassette usually isn't that expensive either, but you need a chain whip and this cassette-lock-nut-tool-thingy. You can find many good videos on youtube about how to do easy repairs on the bike.
comment Shimano Chainring Set
Once the parts arrive I will take everything apart and clean it. The derailleur cogs look quite worn as well but I will clean them and try not to change them just yet. As the parts served me well for three years, I was not looking for a performance upgrade at this point. Especially because I have to lock the bike sometimes in public places and I do not want to to look too fancy