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I'll start by saying that I am an Engineer. Going to college is my priority, but I'm a slacker. I only don't appear knowledgeable at first, but that is my game-play. Eventually you'll need me or rely on someone like me. I feel as if sleeping is both, a getaway and a barrier. I don't have enough time to do everything, but my free-time is wasted. So in all in all "we create our own hell" everyday, our decisions sometimes make us regret every doing that one thing, but we like hell so we do it.

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Thanks, all very good answers and insights. I suppose having the thickened liners would work best, and usually i do have lowered air pressure when i go out onto wet terrian, but not so much i ruin the rim. Ill get a few old tires and some liners and see what works best, though ill bet on the liners that cost money. Thanks
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