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Commuting to work for the last couple of years on a Brompton M3L. Recently switched to using a Specialized Hardrock Sport for the same journey and now just got my first road bike; a Claud Butler Roubaix.

Working to upgrade the complete groupset to Tiagra so expect to find questions when I get stuck. Social, commuting and touring are my interests. Might try a sportive this year.

comment What could cause a tyre to deform in this way?
@MladenJablanović no the rim is fine. I deflated the tire and it looks like a recent skid has worn away the top rubber. Looking closely the thread is visible. Just had it replaced by the local shop as it's unusable.
comment CB Roubaix upgrade to Shimano Tiagra - brake problems
Spoken to the online retailer and they're going to swap out the brakes for more appropriate ones, they being: R451 (Tiagra level) or R650 (Ultegra level). Thanks for your help!