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Software developer with 13 years experience. At the moment I'm mainly interested in:

  • java
  • eCommerce
  • encryption
  • security

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comment Is it acceptable to cycle towards the centre of the lane on blind corners?
@Paul think.direct.gov.uk/cycling.html You should be taking the primary position on all narrow roads. This is nothing to do with US being wider.
comment New commuting road bike. Wishlist: discs & electronic gears
@Roaders - I commute about 100 miles/week and occasionally ride with a club on Sundays. If you're getting through a chain in 2 or 3 months then something is wrong. Either its the wrong size or not fitted correctly or never cleaned. As stib says, 5000-8000 km is easily achievable.
comment What supplies do riders cary on century sportives and how do they carry it?
Why would you take your passport? Why would you take ID? There's no need. He'll have a rider number to identify him to the organisers.
comment What can I do to help me sustain frequent long-ish rides?
Luckily there are changing and showers at my workplace.