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Jeff Walden

I cycle regularly for transport, on all sorts of urban/suburban roads. I do some recreational riding in my spare time, but neither regularly nor often -- mostly it's just utilitarian cycling. I've enjoyed several several-day tours with groups. Then there was that one time I biked self-supported across the US, 37d, ~3875mi. :-) (Great trip, unfortunately time-constrained. Enough time to enjoy it immensely, enough time to successfully complete it, not quite enough time to enjoy it to the utmost.)

In my own quite-peculiar way, I'm really a pretty lazy cyclist. I'll ride short or long, whatever it takes to do what I want (that I can do this is probably significantly a function of age, and to a lesser extent of general level of fitness), but I don't live for any particular rides, or go out of my way to cycle all that often just for fun. (Doesn't mean I don't enjoy such rides, it just takes a push to make me actually get out and do them.)