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Hey :)

So, I'm Dean. I am 20, Currently residing in Gillingham, Kent. I have been working as a PHP Developer since I dropped out of college back in 2013. I took a short role at a company called Reviews.co.uk as an apprentice junior developer there for around 6 months until I decided to move on. That's when I landed at a company called Citynet Datacom LTD working on the site 247spares.co.uk which took up the whole of 2014 and 10 months in 2015 until I again moved on to my latest role at Retortal.com.

As I dropped out of college I have no qualifications related to what I do but by teaching myself at home whilst I was at college I have managed to get along way so far and believe I am doing well for myself. My main area of expertese is PHP, I have experience using Codeigniter (Started using it when I was at reviews.co.uk) until I started at retortal.com and now I am working daily with symfony.

In my spare time I like to try and learn new things. Since mid 2015 I have taken a strong interest in android development and am trying to get my head around it all (which I think I am managing to do). I have some but not alot of experience with java, mostly in the android environment but prior to 2015 I did spend some months figuring out how bukkit plugins work (bukkit is a type of minecraft server). But however, due to lack of interest I dropped java until I started with android.

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