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Hi all, So I'm 17 & I have a strong interest in web development (PHP, MySQL, HTML)

I got bored one day & came up with the idea of making my own CMS system - How hard could it be. I started in may 2013 and currently have had 92 downloads since(to date - 12/7/2013) which I am very happy with.

Currently I just started an apprenticeship with a company called reviews.co.uk

I'm always keen on learning new stuff & already have a broad knowledge of PHP, MySQL & HTML although I know that this is only for my age.

I often get confused & ask for help as sometimes I'm not sure where to look.

I want to be able to get this CMS system working & hope one day I could be rich from making it.

Well, that's it.

Oh & my name is Dean, I dont't bite! :D

Keeping a low profile.

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