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comment Shimano Nexus 8 Hub Alignment Mark No Longer Visible
JonR. Thanks. As I said, I have been using the secondary marks for alignment, but haven't been able to get the shifting quite as sharp as when the marks in the window were visible.
comment Is it worth separating your vo2 max wattage's on the flat and hill climbs in order to provide clearer goals during training?
@BenediktBauer - it's Golden Cheetah ( Free and open source, so check it out!
comment Cold hands due to cold/wind
Macias; Well, essentially it's not really a 'roll' so much as a 'tuck' - the main idea being to avoid sticking your arms out and breaking a collar bone.
comment Cold hands due to cold/wind
Macias; that's interesting, because I've always understood the best thing to do in most cases during a crash is to keep your hands ON the bars--this prevents the natural reaction of reaching an arm out, which is what leads to so many broken collarbones. That, and allows you to 'tuck and roll' much better!
comment Aluminium training rollers - seeking feedback on brands
@Kibbee: I have been riding when the 'cable' snapped. The front roller slowly 'winds down' as it is not being driven. The rear two keep rolling via your wheel. You have plenty of time to stop safely before you lose balance. If things get tangled (HIGHLY unlikely in the first place,) I can't imagine it would come to a quick stop--the cables are actually rubber, and have some give to them. They'd like just get wrapped up or snap apart without causing a crash.
comment Why do racing cyclists wobble when furiously pedalling?
To follow up on what Daniel said - being able to use your full body weight in a sprint has its advantages, and that's one reason they shift the bike back and forth under them--to 'throw' their body weight down on alternate legs.
comment Aluminium training rollers - seeking feedback on brands
If the bike jumps off the rollers, you tip over. You DON'T go shooting forward through the wall or into the TV. You just tip over. It can hurt of course, but generally it's just embarrassing...
comment What is a simple mnemonic for remembering the thread direction when removing pedals?
Exactly. You just need to know that the left is 'backwards' and you are set. No mnemonic required!
comment How do I use the plastic backing on patches?
It's a question I've asked myself! I don't know the answer, but I always leave the plastic on, and have had no problems!