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comment Do flat fenders work fine?
I think this is an interesting answer to a different question.
comment Is pollution a problem in urban cycling?
Like neilfein above, I can't access the paper, but the phrasing in the passage you quote gives me concern: it sounds (again, can't confirm) that they're just sampling the air around the driver/rider without measuring the volume of air they breathe. I imagine that the biker will breathe a lot more, which may end up depositing more carbon in his/her lungs, though the air being breathed may be cleaner. If you have access to the paper, could you see if they address this detail?
comment How can I make my bike (and myself) visible at night?
An alternative are Monkeylectric's POV lights, which are certainly waterproof, and work out of the box (see my answer on this page). Their one drawback compared to Ladyada's kit is that they can't display images that stay upright relative to the bike, if that's what you want.
comment As recumbents are low to the ground and hard to see, how to you use one safely on a normal road?
Recumbents can be ridden in the gutter, and uprights can be ridden in the lane, and vice-versa. I see nothing in this answer that supports the statement that recumbents are safer than uprights despite the lower visual profile.