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Serge Stroobandt

My attraction to LaTeX grew slowly. I first saw LaTeX in use by some friends at the university back in 1995. It was not love on first sight. I was still living the WYSIWYG illusion, and suffering a lot writing a microwave engineering thesis with the wrong tool (MicroSoft Word). In 1998, I finally learned my first mark-up language: HTML.

Around 2002 I discovered MS Word does not guarantee any backward compatibility for old Word documents with formulas. It took me until 2003 to pick up a German Markt+Technik book to get me started with LaTeX. I never looked back. The excellent LaTeX packaging system induced me also to look into GNU/Linux which became my only operating system since 2007.

Nowadays, AD 2013, I use LaTeX for all my document production needs, including Beamer presentations, curriculum vitae, letters, journal articles,... I am an isodoc contributor and I am currently developing a new document class for Belgian medical prescriptions. I also enjoy embedding Python code into LaTeX using Pweave.