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Senior Systems Engineer with a Linux, virtualization and performance-tuning focus.

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comment How do I choose a light GPS device supporting Strava?
Since this likely won't be reopened, I'll share my solution. I use the Holux RCV-3000 Bluetooth GPS logger. My use case is that I use SRM Powermeters on my bikes and prefer the SRM head unit/computer to a Garmin device. The simple Holux logger allows me to add GPS functionality and participate in the Strava world. It works great for walking and running.
comment How do I tell if I've correctly installed a press fit bottom bracket?
Curious. Did you use loctite?
comment Password protect Shimano Di2?
I explained why firmware passwords are irrelevant for your use case, as well as how it can be circumvented. In the systems administration world, the physical aspect is your security. Reaching for other solutions/answers is moot because the simplest solution is non-technical!
comment Password protect Shimano Di2?
@bykfxa NO!!!