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What might cause an inner tube to "behave" flat in a tire?

I've been having a problem with a "flat" tire - I cannot get the air pressure over 5-10 psi (35–70 kPa), I can hear air whistling out if I pump more in. Disassembled, the tube inflates up to ...

innertube puncture presta  
user avatar asked by Jon Bon Score of 14
user avatar answered by Ken Carlson Score of 27

Can I race if I cannot or no longer ride a sit up cycle?

If someone likes the challenge of racing but finds it impossible to ride a traditional bicycle, can they ride in organised races? And if yes, how can they find when and where to race?

racing recumbent handcycle  
user avatar asked by Willeke Score of 9
user avatar answered by Willeke Score of 9

Recommendations Modifying/increasing a bicycles Max Weight limits

I purchased a Urtopia Carbon 1 Pro ebike. I didn't pay attention to its weight limit, which is 240 lbs. The bicycle net weight is 34 lbs. Unfortunately, I am 6'3" and weigh 316 lbs. The bike ...

carbon weight  
user avatar asked by E.E Score of 8
user avatar answered by mattnz Score of 20

Is there a front rim and back rim

I am going to build my first bmx bike from scratch. I’ve watched tons of YouTube vids to get me started. I want to build my own wheels and lace my spokes. I was wondering if I can or should use the ...

rims spokes wheel-building  
user avatar asked by READYAIMFIRE Score of 7
user avatar answered by MaplePanda Score of 10

Can 3-speed 24/26" adult trike "keep up" with standard mountain/gravel bikes?

We're going on a trip to a cabin in the woods and we're all bringing our bikes to do things like ride the 7 miles into town or just around the cabin in nature. We have a friend coming who is not super ...

user avatar asked by Daveh0 Score of 7
user avatar answered by Willeke Score of 6

Repairing broken Shimano Nexus 8 hub

I have a Cube Travel Pro, which comes with a belt drive and a Shimano Nexus 8 hub, model SG-C6001-8D. The bicycle is a bit over a year old and used for city commuting in all kinds of weather. Has ...

shifting internally-geared-hub nexus  
user avatar asked by tiago Score of 6
user avatar answered by Nathan Knutson Score of 4

Chain slipping in 8th gear only

I couldn't find a similar thread that had my issue. I've recently replaced the cassette and chain within a week of each other (chain then cassette) I have a 2x9 setup. The chain slips on the cassette ...

chain drivetrain-slipping  
user avatar asked by Joshua Dickin Score of 6
user avatar answered by Chris H Score of 5

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Can I convert rim brake to disc brake on road bike?

I have a Giant propel advanced 2 (2017) road bike, 105 groupset, rim brakes. I would like to buy a set of deep section racing wheels and unsure if disc brakes are an option or not. Is it possible to ...

disc-brake upgrades rim-brake upgrade-or-new-bike  
user avatar asked by Bas de Weerd Score of 2
user avatar answered by Weiwen Ng Score of 7

What makes a folding bicycle so difficult to ride?

I got a folding bike from Citizen (like the Miami) with dreams that I could take it on the road with me when I go to conferences but it's REALLY hard to ride very far with it. Is it because of the ...

user avatar asked by tooshel Score of 14
user avatar answered by Goodbye Stack Exchange Score of 23

Terminology index - a list of bike part names and cycling concepts

This question and its answers list the names of bike parts and cycling concepts. Some Rules Make sure you only put one term per answer! Try to include an image if applicable Include sources that ...

terminology reference canonical-answer glossary  
user avatar asked by Dan McClain Score of 227
user avatar answered by Amos Score of 72

Can I use a gas station air pump on a bike tire?

Someone pointed out that it may be risky, and it might not have the right kind of nozzle, but I don't have a bike pump at the moment. Does anyone else ever do this?

tire pump  
user avatar asked by eds Score of 30
user avatar answered by Dustin Ingram Score of 29

What size are the nuts holding the front wheel?

I am trying to install a front wheel on a bike - the axle of the wheel is threaded, but I'm having trouble finding out what size thread it is, and what nut can go on this. The size of the thread on ...

wheels front  
user avatar asked by ria Score of 13
user avatar answered by whatsisname Score of 5

Different kinds of Handlebars

What different kinds of bike handle bars are there? All kinds welcome, the common and the nameless. If possible include the pros and cons of the bar One bar per post

reference handlebars glossary  
user avatar asked by sixtyfootersdude Score of 45
user avatar answered by Goodbye Stack Exchange Score of 20

What's difference between 1/2 and 9/16 inch pedals?

I've this bike MTB hardtail Marin Bolinas Ridge 2012. And it has generic composite pedals which I want to change. So while choosing pedals I saw two different choices, 1/2 and 9/16 inch pedals. I ...

user avatar asked by iDen Score of 10
user avatar answered by Sam Meldrum Score of 17

Can you answer these questions?

Can a 37 total capacity setup do good with a 37 total capacity shortcage ss rear derailleur?

I've been asking this question for a few days now and I've been so curious about it My setup is a 11-32t sprocket and a 50-34t crankset, the total of that is 37 The main question is in the title but ...

road-bike derailleur-rear  
user avatar asked by Cyrus Lee A. Perez Score of 1
user avatar answered by Art Gertner Score of 0

ghetto lowrider beach cruiser bicycle

I was given this bicycle, and it has a 20 inch back tire and a 29 inch front tire. Does the difference in size effect how it rides when pedaling? Would it be more efficient to have a bigger tire on ...

user avatar asked by Sheldon Kisler Score of 1

How can I make my vintage sturmey Archer AW hub take a 3 speed cassette? (Minimal metal work, none if possible)

So to make answering my question easier, I'll start with the goals, I wish to be able to attach a 3 speed cassette and tensioner (relatively low cost) to my vintage Sturmey Archer AW hub so i can have ...

cassette internally-geared-hub sturmey-archer newbie  
user avatar asked by Isaiah Campbell Score of 2
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