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Top new questions this week:

Chain popped out of derailleur and wrapped around itself - how? why?

During my ride yesterday, I've hit a really weird mechanical and would love to understand. So here's the situation - I'm riding along, start on a hill, stand up and push some power, suddenly hear ...

chain derailleur-rear mechanical  
asked by MarcinJuraszek 10 votes
answered by Criggie 10 votes

Can I drill into the handles of a B'Twin 100 Arctic?

My 4yo daughter has just got a B'twin Arctic 100 for her birthday. Her balance bike has tassels like these on the handlebars, so I bought some for her new bike too. But behind the grips, the ...

handlebars children  
asked by Simon 8 votes
answered by mikes 7 votes

SRAM dub crank chainline

Any SRAM experts out there? Zero experience with SRAM dub. Used Hollowtech for years before... Ordered SRAM GX dub crankset. Advertised specifically for 49mm chainline. Arrived pre-assembled with a ...

crankset sram chainline  
asked by Art Gertner 3 votes
answered by Nathan Knutson 5 votes

Missing bolt in my brakes, how can I find a replacement?

I was braking in a downhill, the gradient was steep so I was using both brakes mostly the rear. When suddenly the rear brake shifter went totally soft. I did a full-stop using my front brake only and ...

brakes replacement rim-brake bolt  
asked by Learning is a mess 3 votes
answered by MaplePanda 4 votes

Drop barends on cruiser handlebar

Suppose you take a cruiser handlebar: And attach drop bar-ends like these to the middle section: What are the problems that might arise? Assume this is for touring long distances.

handlebars touring drop-bar comfort  
asked by meedstrom 3 votes
answered by Grigory Rechistov 5 votes

False hrm results

I use Garmin edge 520 with Garmin dual heart rate monitor and it shows completely false results like maximum hr >180 and average hr 150, while my ride is easy, slow and flat and I don't feel any ...

health heart-rate  
asked by Alex Par 3 votes
answered by Scottmeup 10 votes

Should I buy a little bit bigger bike?

I want to buy a mountain bike for the summer to ride with my friends, go on shorter rides (max 6 hours) and use in town. I am approximately 175 cm tall and 16 years old (so I might grow a bit). My ...

mountain-bike frames bike-fit size youth  
asked by fabike 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Problem with chain skipping when pedaling hard

If I pedal hard, i.e. while standing/taking off/going uphill, the chain skips over the cogs making a load screeching noise and my foot just sinks to the bottom position. I attempted to fix this ...

maintenance chain skipping  
asked by user6005857 8 votes
answered by Kaz 9 votes

Are road bikes capable of being ridden on gravel?

I am new to road bikes and was wondering if these bikes are capable of riding on light gravel or whether I will get flats? Does it depend on the tire material or are generally all road bike tires for ...

road-bike gravel  
asked by Dejan 15 votes
answered by Fred the Magic Wonder Dog 17 votes

Noticeable clicking from crankset or bottom bracket

A few days ago I began hearing a clicking noise coming from the crankset and I can also sense a slight hitch when the right crank is at its upmost position just when it's about to go down. The ...

bottom-bracket crankset  
asked by clamp 18 votes
answered by maksimov 7 votes

Can I use a cyclocross bike for regular road-biking purposes?

I want to race cyclocross, and I also want to ride some longer rides out on the road. Can I buy a cyclocross bike and use it for both cyclocross and some serious road rides (I'm talking century type ...

road-bike cyclocross  
asked by carmel 32 votes
answered by joelmdev 52 votes

Shimano Steps ebike E010 and E012 errors: DIY fix possible?

My Shimano Steps-powered e-bike is frequently but irregularly giving me the errors E010 and E012. In the E6000 Series Dealer’s manual and E8000 Series User's manual I found the following: E010: A ...

shimano electric-bike  
asked by bjornte 11 votes
answered by Chris Olin 11 votes

Can I ride home with a broken spoke?

I noticed a wobble in my back wheel while commuting in this morning. Broken spoke. Is this a problem that I should take care of before my 7 mile commute home, or can I pick up a spoke and repair it at ...

wheels repair  
asked by Precipitous 68 votes
answered by deemar 62 votes

How long is the life cycle of a bicycle?

This may not be a particularly practical question, but I wonder how often do you find yourself looking for a new (or another) bike? There are, of course, two main aspects of it: Mechanical decay. If ...

asked by StasK 20 votes
answered by ʍǝɥʇɐɯ 30 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Where is the light harness connection on Giant Roam E bike?

I gather that my Roam E has the wiring to enable me to add a light to run from the light switch on the controller. I have looked at various videos, but the set up on my Roam E is different. Does ...

electric-bike headlights giant  
asked by chris haines 1 vote

Upgrading gearing help, currently running a 1x9 with a 30t crankset and 11/36t cassette. Can I upgrade to a 11-42t cassette?

I have a 1x9 that I really dislike and want to upgrade. I was told to get a "Shimano Deore FC-M625 Double 2x10 Speed MTB Bike Crankset 38/24T" to upgrade my 1x. I additionally caught a ...

derailleur cassette compatibility  
asked by Jacob Armstrong 1 vote

Do Silverfox have a website?

I about 12-13 years ago I bought a Silverfox Slither mountain bike on a whim, and after the initial excitement wore off, I have rarely used it over the years. Fast forward to today, I've got back ...

asked by Biggus69 2 votes
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