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Top new questions this week:

Can I use a rim brake rear wheel in a disc brake bike, for indoor training?

I have a disc road bike (QR); I use it also with an indoor trainer with a specific training tire. I would like to buy a wheel to be used only on the trainer (with the specific tire). Since I don't ...

disc-brake trainer wheelset indoor rollers  
asked by Leo 8 votes
answered by ojs 8 votes

Need new crankset for a 15+ year old bike [chain slipping on gears]

Just discovered this site. My uncle gave me his old bike. The chain has been slipping and today we replaced the chain (previous was worn and stretched, the rear casette (to a used but less-worn one), ...

crankset drivetrain-slipping  
asked by Matt 4 votes
answered by Nathan Knutson 2 votes

Safe to mount rear rack for Grail 7.0 al 2020 ( no eyelets )?

The 2020 model of Canyon al 7.0 gravel bike does not come with eyelets: But for longer tours ( for what I would like ...

asked by csviri 4 votes
answered by Jahaziel 5 votes

Chain slipping off from singlespeed rear cog

After I have worn out the cogs and chain to the point where my chain tensioner couldn't keep up anymore, I have replaced my drive train pieces, the axle and spacer are still the same. So I went from: ...

drivetrain fixed-gear single-speed  
asked by Mio Bambino 4 votes

How to enlarge dropout slots?

I have a Raleigh Grand Prix and was trying to put a modern wheelset on it, but the front dropout slots are too narrow to fit the axle. Is it safe or possible to enlarge the slots? The fork is chrome ...

wheels fork axle front dropouts  
asked by justin 4 votes
answered by Nathan Knutson 6 votes

How do I stop chain from moving and jamming up when I stop pedaling my multi-speed bike?

When coasting (not pedaling) on a multi-speed bike, the chain does not stop moving and starts piling up on itself between the pedals and rear gears. How do I fix this?

asked by Zack 3 votes
answered by Criggie 5 votes

Cross-chaining in terms of angles

I'm building a recumbent trike and have reason to have the rear cassette offset from the cranks. At the same time, the chain is very long, so the offset is compensated. It looks like the chain will ...

chain cassette chainline  
asked by BetterSense 3 votes
answered by Daniel R Hicks 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is the purpose of suspension lockout?

I'm trying to decide which 29er bike I want to purchase and one of them has lockout. I know what lockout does but I'm not sure what it is used for and if I will need it. Thanks Update: We're good ...

mountain-bike suspension 29er  
asked by Macuser 18 votes
answered by cmannett85 30 votes

Converting frame size to wheel size

I've been trying to determine what size road or mountain bike I should purchase. All the charts I've found suggest what frame size I should have, but online shopping only lists wheel sizes. How do I ...

wheels frames bike-fit  
asked by Patrick Roberts 1 vote
answered by Batman 2 votes

How much of a difference do Toe Pedal Clips make in comparison to Platform Pedals?

I am a novice cyclist, using my bike to travel to work with a round trip of about 15 miles in moderate to heavy traffic. I have been thinking about upgrading my bikes platform pedals to a set of ...

asked by tofarr 26 votes
answered by Mac 19 votes

Why would one ever buy a 12-25 cassette when an 11-25 is available?

I was looking at purchasing a new cassette and chain. Looking at the available cassettes for SRAM components, there is a big variety of sizes available: 11-23: 11-12-13-14-15-16-17-19-21-23 11-25: ...

parts cassette  
asked by Jake Wilson 36 votes
answered by Darth Egregious 32 votes

How tight should a fixie's chain be?

I ride an SE Lager fixed. How tight should the chain be and what is the best way of measure it? I have a chain tug so I can be pretty accurate in dialling in the right amount of tension. I don't ...

chain fixed-gear chain-tug  
asked by Mac 17 votes
answered by zenbike 8 votes

How do I correctly set the angle of my drop bars

Are there any tricks to setting the correct angle for the drop bars on my road bike, when adjusting my handlebars in the stem? Is it just a matter of personal preference or is there a general ...

road-bike handlebars  
asked by nickdos 14 votes
answered by Stephen Touset 3 votes

How do on-road mountain bike speeds translate to road bike speeds?

When cycling on roads on my mountain bike, I generally get around 10-12 miles per hour on a flat surface. What sort of speeds can I expect to get on a road bike?

asked by user155695 44 votes
answered by Gary.Ray 46 votes
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