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Top new questions this week:

I have slipped off my bike 3x in the last 2 months - will changing tyres help?

Recently picked up a used Boardman Hybrid Team and it's my first bike after several years on boris bikes in London. I was doing great in the summer but recently have slipped/skidded 3 times in last 6 ...

tire weather  
asked by Tom H 11 votes
answered by Criggie 37 votes

Which type of course is the fastest for a 10 km TT? A completely flat course or a course with 5 km uphill and 5 km downhill?

There are two types of courses that I am considering for a 10 km trial: Completely flat. 5 km out and 5 km back. 5 km uphill at a grade of 1%, and 5 km downhill on a grade of 1%. Assuming you start ...

asked by Kevin Lee 6 votes
answered by Michael 17 votes

How to make a 10 year old electric bike battery work better?

I have taken a 10 year old electric bike out of the garage a few weeks ago after not having used it for multiple years. The bike is an elops 7 bought at decathlon with a geonaute battery. It still ...

electric-bike electronics  
asked by Statistic Dean 6 votes
answered by mattnz 14 votes

Rear derailleur at limit, chain still rubbing

I gave my bike a thorough service recently by pulling it apart and cleaning/re-greasing everything. Now everything is back together and I just can't get the rear derailleur to work properly. The H ...

asked by Erik Aigner 5 votes
answered by Erik Aigner 9 votes

Wearing short sleeved merino by itself?

I heard merino is for cool-cold days. Maybe I heard it wrong. Then I thought people use it for baselayer (something you wear under your jackets). But it seems it's not the case based on some reviews/...

asked by eugene 5 votes
answered by Warren Burton 8 votes

Using a chain-type oil filter wrench as a chain whip

Long story short, I need to remove the rear cassette on my bike. The cassette is a pretty basic Shimano one, and the drive shaft bit I bought a few years ago looks like it also fits the lock ring. ...

cassette tools  
asked by user149408 5 votes
answered by Grigory Rechistov 5 votes

Bike seat tube is messed up

I was testing my seat and as I was sitting on the bike on the highest level of the seat post. My seat post came off and bent my seat post, so I ordered another, but now my seat tube doesn't allow my ...

frames repair seatpost  
asked by h4fiz_ 17 5 votes
answered by Argenti Apparatus 9 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do I stop my rim brakes making a squeaking/squealing sound?

I bought a Schwinn Frontier Sport few months ago and started riding happily. After a few weeks my front rim brakes started creaking. It's so annoying in public places. My rear brake doesn't produce ...

brakes rim-brake creak  
asked by pMan 21 votes
answered by joelmdev 27 votes

Cannot shift into lowest gear

I've been fiddling with my rear derailleur trying to fine tune it, because I just replaced my entire drivetrain (same components, but new) The problem that I'm facing now is that I can't seem to ...

derailleur-rear shifting  
asked by zython 3 votes
answered by Michael 7 votes

How to store a bike outside and still avoid rapid decay?

I've got insufficient space to store my bike inside. I fear however that it will rust away within a few years if I store the bike outside. My question is twofold: Will storing a bike outside be a ...

asked by Dimitri C. 58 votes
answered by Ian 33 votes

What make/brand is this bike marked "Challenger" and "Resistance"?

I'm trying to find what kind of brand/make my bike is so I can find more information about it. It might help me determine if I should buy a new bike. All I can tell from looking around my bike are ...

mountain-bike identify-this-bike  
asked by Ambo100 7 votes
answered by zenbike 7 votes

How long is the life cycle of a bicycle?

This may not be a particularly practical question, but I wonder how often do you find yourself looking for a new (or another) bike? There are, of course, two main aspects of it: Mechanical decay. If ...

asked by StasK 18 votes
answered by ʍǝɥʇɐɯ 29 votes

Shimano Steps ebike E010 and E012 errors: DIY fix possible?

My Shimano Steps-powered e-bike is frequently but irregularly giving me the errors E010 and E012. In the E6000 Series Dealer’s manual and E8000 Series User's manual I found the following: E010: A ...

shimano electric-bike  
asked by bjornte 11 votes
answered by Chris Olin 11 votes

How many chain links do I need?

Looking for chains at ebay, I see, that they have 106, 114, 116 links and so on. I have a racing bike (2x7) and see, that chains are often announced as 6-7-8-speed, 10-speed, 11-speed. Since there ...

asked by user unknown 9 votes
answered by mgb 14 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Normal MTB trigger shifters and hydraulic brake levers on a bullhorn handlebar

Was wondering if mounting Altus shifters and hydraulic brake levers on the vertical sides of a bullhorn handlebar would work or would be possible? I tried holding one of my grips on my flat bar while ...

mountain-bike shifter handlebars brake-levers bullhorn  
asked by Anonymous newbee 2 votes

DT Swiss 370 hub not spinning smoothly in thru axle frame (end caps?)

I have a brand new rear wheel that uses a DT Swiss 370 hub. (From what I understand, the 370 is the same as the 350 except with pawls instead of a ratchet.) I'm trying to use it on a 12x142 thru axle ...

hub thru-axle  
asked by alexantd 2 votes

How can I remove very stuck headset spacers (alu/carbon)

Working on a bike that has had significant indoor turbo usage, (i.e. a lot of sweat has run down the headset) and corrosion has bonded the aluminium spacers to the carbon steerer. The steering is ...

fork headset steerer corrosion  
asked by Swifty 3 votes
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