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Top new questions this week:

Why do racers follow the leader in a curve rather than take the shortest path?

Quite often in road racing cyclists will create a C-shape curve on the road, following the path taken by the peloton leader. source: The peloton leader seems to create this ...

race drafting  
asked by Sam Score of 24
answered by Andrew Henle Score of 34

Does a bike fit "carry over" from one bike to another?

If I would pay for a professional bike fit right now for a road bike, and I get a new road bike after a while, can I somehow translate the fit from my current bike to the new one (either by myself, or ...

asked by Saaru Lindestøkke Score of 10
answered by Nathan Knutson Score of 11

Is it safe to ride a frame with a hairline crack in the head tube lug?

I am considering buying an Alan Super Record aluminium frame, but there is a hairline crack in the lug on the bottom of the headtube. Is this a big problem, and would it be unsafe to ride it? Is there ...

frames repair crack headtube  
asked by goose_lake Score of 9
answered by JoeK Score of 8

Output of a Hub Dynamo measured with an Oscilloscope

What signal do you get from a hub dynamo when measuring it's output with an oscilloscope. Please include information on load and setup.

asked by gschenk Score of 9
answered by Chris H Score of 17

How can I find the number of bearings in a Shimano MF-Z012 Cluster?

I am repairing an older bike with a Shimano MF-Z012 cluster. with 1/8" ball bearings. Can anyone help with the number of ball bearings for both sides as the cluster has been dis-assemblied and no ...

cassette bearings  
asked by IanA Score of 6
answered by Nathan Knutson Score of 5

How fast do carbon and aluminium rim brake tracks wear?

Rim brakes wear the wheels' brake tracks. How long do wheels usually live until they're worn (In terms of distance, not time)? Of course I realise this depends on how much I brake, not how much I ride....

wheels rim-brake wear  
asked by chichak Score of 5
answered by JoeK Score of 4

Are vehicle mirrors on standardized heights?

I am interested in filtering and whether the height of my handlebar should be changed to be in a zone that most cars, motorbikes and vans are not allowed to be. It feels like I have succeeded in this. ...

asked by George Menoutis Score of 5

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Different kinds of Handlebars

What different kinds of bike handle bars are there? All kinds welcome, the common and the nameless. If possible include the pros and cons of the bar One bar per post

reference handlebars glossary  
asked by sixtyfootersdude Score of 43
answered by Goodbye Stack Exchange Score of 19

Should my foot be able to step flat on the ground, when I sit on a bike seat?

I was wondering, for a correctly sized mountain bike, or hybrid, should I be able to place my foot flat on the ground, when I sit on the bike seat?

frames bike-fit  
asked by Cheok Yan Cheng Score of 27
answered by Daniel R Hicks Score of 35

Are 700 x 28 , 700 x 32 and 700 x 35 tires interchangeable?

I have a cyclocross bike with Alex ATD 470 Disc rim with TCS (Tubeless Compatible System) currently mounted with Vittoria, Cross XN, 700 x 32c tires. However tires are a bit worn out and I want to be ...

tire rims  
asked by nerijusgood Score of 8
answered by Batman Score of 11

How do I correctly set the angle of my drop bars

Are there any tricks to setting the correct angle for the drop bars on my road bike, when adjusting my handlebars in the stem? Is it just a matter of personal preference or is there a general ...

road-bike handlebars  
asked by nickdos Score of 17
answered by Stephen Touset Score of 3

how to choose inner tubes

I've always bought 700x28/38 Specialized inner tubes for my bike, because that was what I was told fitted. But what do those numbers mean? How do I know that a specific inner tube will fit my bike?

asked by tenpn Score of 21
answered by Jason Plank Score of 17

How many chain links do I need?

Looking for chains at ebay, I see, that they have 106, 114, 116 links and so on. I have a racing bike (2x7) and see, that chains are often announced as 6-7-8-speed, 10-speed, 11-speed. Since there ...

asked by user unknown Score of 13
answered by mgb Score of 15

What is the difference between brake cables and derailleur cables?

What is the difference between brake cables and derailleur/shift cables? When I look online for replacement cables I see "brake cables" and "shift cables." From the images they all look the same. ...

repair parts cable  
asked by npsantini Score of 51
answered by Nate W Score of 77

Can you answer these questions?

Orbea Orca Aero 2022 frame size

I have recently bought Orbea Orca Aero 2022. After a visit to a bikefitter, he recommended to get me 53cm frame with 90cm stem and 172.5mm cranks. However, after receiving a bike my first impressions ...

asked by Aidas Score of 1

Is a 700-23C 23/622 Road Bike Tire appropriate for a 25-28/622 Road Bike Wheel?

Simply Put, the tire bead won't hook into the wheel. The issue occurs with BOTH Wheels. I thought one rim might be compromised, but NOT both. When inflating the wheels, the Tube starts to push ...

road-bike tire wheels innertube  
asked by LSK Score of 2
answered by Weiwen Ng Score of 0
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