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Top new questions this week:

Is it worth buying a lighter bike? If so what kind?

I've started cycling recently and am clocking decent mileage now. The only problem is, the bike is very old and weighs just shy of 20 kg. It's a heavy one! It also has Kenda Kinetics tyres, I think ...

weight road downhill off-road  
asked by KillerKode 23 votes
answered by mattnz 26 votes

Why can't I use my new pedal indoors?

As seen below, I got a paper slip telling me not to use my new pedals on indoor equipment. I don't want to anyway, but I wonder — if threads would fit, is there any real reasons not to do it? Probably ...

pedals indoor  
asked by Mołot 21 votes
answered by mikes 19 votes

What if both wheels were powered by pedalling?

Only the rear wheel of a bike is connected to the drivetrain in order to propel the bike forward. I assume the choice of rear wheel instead of the front wheel is for stability (e.g. avoiding ...

wheels crankset drivetrain freewheel hypothetical  
asked by ThymeTravel 19 votes
answered by Móż 11 votes

Is it normal for a new Shimano hub to feel rough?

I have recently purchased a brand new Shimano HB-M7110-B front hub. When I unpacked it and started rotating it with my fingers (as you always must) I noticed that it actually felt quite rough, almost ...

shimano hub  
asked by user1049697 11 votes
answered by Nathan Knutson 11 votes

Consequences of under-tight cassette ring?

I have a torque wrench that goes up to 24 N⋅m but as far as I understand a cassette ring should be tightened to about 40 N⋅m. What is the consequence of tightening the cassette ring to 24 N⋅m instead ...

cassette tools torque-wrench  
asked by Iwan Aucamp 11 votes
answered by Criggie 7 votes

Freewheel engaging sporadically when turned backwards at low speed

I noticed that when going at low speed without pedalling the freewheel sometimes seems to engage anyway and pulling the chain until there is enough tension ( as the rear derailleur contracts due to ...

repair cassette freewheel rear-wheel  
asked by PSM 8 votes
answered by Nathan Knutson 6 votes

How hot / humid does it have to be for cycle touring to become unenjoyable?

This November, if restrictions loosen enough to allow it, I am planning on going on a month-long cycling trip from New South Wales to Queensland. That would mean I would be going deeper into the humid ...

asked by user52210 6 votes
answered by Chris H 7 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What are the differences between the Alfine 8 and the Nexus 8?

I'm shopping for a new bike and I have a choice between one with the Alfine 8 and the other with the Nexus 8. They seem to be pretty similar, but from what I could gather from forums here and there, ...

shimano internally-geared-hub nexus alfine  
asked by kokito 5 votes
answered by Criggie 4 votes

What is the "preload" setting on the front fork suspension?

I've made a photo of the actual "thing" as I find it very difficult to explain otherwise: I'm wondering what this "thing" sets and how it actually works. So, what is "preload" and what happens when ...

maintenance mountain-bike fork suspension  
asked by Richard Rodriguez 30 votes
answered by ttarchala 22 votes

What are the pros and cons of internal gears?

I've had my hybrid 24-speed for a bit over 3 years now, and just last weekend, when looking for a bike for my wife, discovered internal gears. Suffice to say it blew my mind when I saw 7-speed ...

gears derailleur drivetrain internally-geared-hub  
asked by drfrogsplat 59 votes
answered by mcgyver5 20 votes

Why aren't Tour de France riders going any faster?

I was having a look at the average speeds of the winner of the Tour de France over the years on this page. To help things along I put the data into LibreOffice and produced a plot: I put on the ...

racing nutrition speed history technology  
asked by tdc 68 votes
answered by dbr 60 votes

Problem with chain skipping without trying to shift (even with new chain and gears)

I have a mountain bike where the chain intermittently skips when put under load on the middle (and very rarely on the smallest) chain ring. It is not related to shifting. I've taken several steps to ...

chain derailleur  
asked by Hans Løken 9 votes
answered by Hans Løken 3 votes

What are the differences between men's and women's bike frames?

Why do women's bikes have a diagonal bar in the frame instead of a horizontal frame? Is this the only difference? Sorry if this has been asked (but I cannot find it by searching) and I also just ...

frames women-specific  
asked by davidsleeps 27 votes
answered by mikes 30 votes

How do I know whether my bike can use disk brakes?

I have a Gary Fisher bike (wahoo I believe). I think it's considered the entry level Fisher mountain bike. Could I put on disc brakes as opposed to using the standard brakes on this bike? Standard ...

asked by Carlos 11 votes
answered by Vorac 11 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Direct mount rear derailleur

I'm upgrading an old MTB for commuting, it had a 5 speed on the back but I'm going to be putting on a new 26" rear wheel with a 7 speed cassette because the freewheel axle wobbles, makes noises ...

asked by Aindriu 1 vote

How can I measure a saddle to buy something similar?

I got on quite well with the stock saddle on my tourer, until recently. That's not surprising as the plastic has broken. The bike manufacturer isn't great for spares, and I'm sure I could do better, ...

bike-fit saddle  
asked by Chris H 2 votes

Determine age of Raleigh sport womens bike

DA 45169 under bottom bracket Raleigh ladies sport Steel emblem on front Raleigh Nottingham England,

asked by Andrew 3 votes
answered by Criggie 0 votes
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