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Top new questions this week:

How to mitigate the risk of riding on highways

I'm planning a single-day ride between the cities of West Palm Beach and Orlando, Florida: roughly 180 miles. I'm trying to plan my route for safety. However, there are no routes to Orlando free of ...

touring bikeroutes us  
asked by Carlo David 8 votes
answered by cmaster - reinstate monica 15 votes

Blowout on rear rim

Today while riding, my rear brakes locked up. While investigating, the rear tire blew up causing part of the rim on one side to split off. The tech at the shop said the brakes had worn through the rim....

tire rims  
asked by fixit7 6 votes
answered by Michael 9 votes

Studies comparing motorway vs bike lane costs

I am trying to find a study, which I've read sometime ago, which compared the cost/Km of a motorway vs a cycle lane. I don't know the exact picture I've seen but I have the idea the study was from ...

bike-lane lanes  
asked by sergiol 5 votes
answered by Criggie 8 votes

How strong is a chain link? How about half a chain link?

I had some intermittent clanking noise on yesterday's ride, thought the chain just needed cleaning and derailleur aligning. But got home to find that one side of one chain link had broken, so only the ...

chain force  
asked by Wilskt 5 votes
answered by juhist 9 votes

Can I combine SRAM Rival 22 Levers and Shimano 105 Rim Brakes?

As the title asks, is it possible to combine SRAM Rival 22 levers (for mechanical rim brakes, of course) with Shimano 105 rim brakes?

shimano sram rim-brake  
asked by engine2 5 votes
answered by Nathan Knutson 6 votes

Replacing disk brake pads with multi-tool only

During my cycling week I only had my multi-tool with me. Back home and intending to replace the brake pads, I realized that I have to use pliers if I want to unbend the end of the cotter pin without ...

shimano disc-brake brake-pads multi-tool  
asked by Xpector 4 votes
answered by Jeff 7 votes

Trainer tire selection (hybrid bike)

I've been lurking for a couple months, but this is my first post and I still have a lot to learn. Background I inherited an old hybrid bike (Raleigh Dash EX) and an old stationary trainer, and I would ...

tire trainer  
asked by Dan 4 votes
answered by Steve Vigneau 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Can I use WD-40 on my bike?

Is WD-40 really bad to apply on bikes? I was told so but still see people doing that. Also I saw WD-40 launching their new products of bike lubricant and degreaser. Did anybody try those?

asked by Ian Song 89 votes
answered by jimchristie 64 votes

How to store a bike outside and still avoid rapid decay?

I've got insufficient space to store my bike inside. I fear however that it will rust away within a few years if I store the bike outside. My question is twofold: Will storing a bike outside be a ...

asked by Dimitri C. 60 votes
answered by Ian 34 votes

How to use drop handlebars properly?

This might seem like a really basic question, but there's no harm in asking. I've never had a bicycle with drop handlebars. I've always had sort of standard horizontal bars with only one hand position,...

handlebars canonical-answer  
asked by Apreche 72 votes
answered by zenbike 79 votes

Are road bikes capable of being ridden on gravel?

I am new to road bikes and was wondering if these bikes are capable of riding on light gravel or whether I will get flats? Does it depend on the tire material or are generally all road bike tires for ...

road-bike gravel  
asked by Dejan 15 votes
answered by Fred the Magic Wonder Dog 17 votes

Is it really going to damage a bike to wash it with a hose?

I was chatting to the guys at my LBS the other day about how they get my bike so clean when I take it in for a service. They said they use compressed air to clean it. They warned I shouldn't use any ...

asked by Mac 49 votes
answered by zenbike 35 votes

When I pedal the rear wheel is not turning

I have a very old bike. It used to work perfectly, but just recently it happened that when I pedal the rear wheel is not turning. Just for notice I pedal in the correct direction, brakes are not ...

wheels pedals freewheel  
asked by Ben 6 votes
answered by Daniel R Hicks 5 votes

Direct Pull (V-Brake) vs. Center Pull Cantilevers (pros and cons)

I am looking around for an old mountain bike to ride this winter (and this summer when it is wet). I was just browsing around and was curious what the difference was between Direct pull brakes: ...

brakes rim-brake  
asked by sixtyfootersdude 28 votes
answered by Daniel R Hicks 18 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Troubleshooting Ultegra Di2

I went for a ride in Zwift, afterwards, I thought I'd check for firmware updates, there was one, I flashed it, disconnected the bike from the computer. I then swapped out a cassette, went into change ...

shimano-di2 di2  
asked by unn 1 vote

How should I finish the dynamo cable connection from SON coax to an SP connector?

Connecting a SON coax cable to an SP (Shutter Precision) Dynamo "lego brick" results in exposed wire. How should I protect this and tidy it up? Second question: how do I know the wires have ...

asked by sdgfsdh 2 votes
answered by Nathan Knutson 0 votes

BB386EVO-24mm Press Fit Bottom Bracket Cup Removal

Good day to all! Issue My road bike has a BB386EVO bottom bracket standard with a 24mm internal diameter (I.D.) bearing set. I'm utilising a 24mm spindle crankset so no issues there. What I am seeking ...

road-bike bottom-bracket bearings  
asked by Yuxuan 2 votes
answered by Andrew Henle 0 votes
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