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Top new questions this week:

Where should I stop in this intersection when turning left?

In the pictured intersection the two traffic lights on the right are often green, while the lights for the two left turning lanes are still red. What should I do as a cyclist if I want to turn left? ...

traffic germany intersections  
user avatar asked by keszei Score of 7
user avatar answered by BrtH Score of 16

Freehub removal

I need to remove this freehub (see picture), to replace a broken spoke, however, it is an old bike and I am unsure how to proceed? I've managed to removed the cassette using a chain whip and a 32mm ...

repair freewheel spokes freehub  
user avatar asked by Luna Score of 6
user avatar answered by Criggie Score of 3

Front wheel bearings RIP after 1 month

About a month ago I bought a Giant contend AR 3, and have been quite satisfied with the purchase until about 3 days ago when the front wheel started to sound... bad... crackling/poping. From what I ...

wheels bearings  
user avatar asked by Ills Score of 4
user avatar answered by Weiwen Ng Score of 3

Can anyone identify this elderly tandem from the badge (pictured)

This is a tandem which I bought at least 20 years ago and it was far from new then. I have absolutely no idea who made it. This badge looks a bit like a bird or perhaps a dragon?

vintage tandems  
user avatar asked by user3009698 Score of 4
user avatar answered by Paul H Score of 10

Which geometry specifications determine the seating position of an MTB?

MTB manufacturers release geometry data for their bikes. If I want to know if a bike has a more upright or stretched position, which geometry data do I have to compare?

mountain-bike frames bike-fit build geometry  
user avatar asked by JohnnyFromBF Score of 4
user avatar answered by Paul H Score of 2

Shimano and Sram compatibility on Wahoo Kickr

I have a 2017 Wahoo Kickr which doesn't allow for a Sram xdr driver...but I now have all Sram Red AXS eTap 12 speed. Since the Kickr will accommodate a Shimano spline, can I put on a 12 speed Shimano ...

shimano compatibility sram road turbo-trainer  
user avatar asked by Roger Thompson Score of 4
user avatar answered by Renaud Score of 3

New chain coming off under torque

I replaced the chain recently - the new chain unships violently when I apply a moderate amount of torque, such as when setting off standing. As in, it comes off the big ring to the outside (i.e. away ...

shimano chain chainring drivetrain  
user avatar asked by BenTaylor Score of 3
user avatar answered by Andrew Henle Score of 7

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Homemade bicycle degreaser liquids

Does anyone have a recipe for a homemade bicycle degreaser solution? I'd like to make my own degreaser solution instead of buying one. I have read about using lemon juice and various types of alcohols ...

maintenance cleaning  
user avatar asked by Bernard Tyers Score of 55
user avatar answered by Jem Score of 82

Bottom bracket creaking only when pedaling hard.

When pedaling with a decent amount of force a very loud creaking sound can be heard coming from the bottom bracket area (it is very loud when standing on the pedals). It makes a creaking noise on each ...

bottom-bracket creak  
user avatar asked by suskie Score of 7
user avatar answered by suskie Score of 8

How to store a bike outside and still avoid rapid decay?

I've got insufficient space to store my bike inside. I fear however that it will rust away within a few years if I store the bike outside. My question is twofold: Will storing a bike outside be a ...

user avatar asked by Dimitri C. Score of 61
user avatar answered by Ian Score of 36

Why would one ever buy a 12-25 cassette when an 11-25 is available?

I was looking at purchasing a new cassette and chain. Looking at the available cassettes for SRAM components, there is a big variety of sizes available: 11-23: 11-12-13-14-15-16-17-19-21-23 11-25: 11-...

parts cassette  
user avatar asked by Jake Wilson Score of 42
user avatar answered by Darth Egregious Score of 37

Why do my tires keep losing air, even after having the tubes replaced?

I had a problem a few weeks ago where my tires were flat and needed air every time I took my bike out of the garage. I brought it to the local bike shop, and they replaced my tubes. This made a ...

tire innertube  
user avatar asked by Bill Score of 8
user avatar answered by Daniel R Hicks Score of 23

What are the differences between men's and women's bike frames?

Why do women's bikes have a diagonal bar in the frame instead of a horizontal frame? Is this the only difference? Sorry if this has been asked (but I cannot find it by searching) and I also just ...

frames women-specific  
user avatar asked by davidsleeps Score of 33
user avatar answered by mikes Score of 36

Is it possible to measure your sit bones at home?

Some bike shops have gel pads that you sit on to measure the distance between your sit bones. Is it possible to take this measurement on your own at home, or does this really require special-purpose ...

saddle bike-fit ergonomics  
user avatar asked by amcnabb Score of 50
user avatar answered by Luigi Villafranca Score of 52

Can you answer these questions?

Stripped threads on shoe cleat plate

I have been adjusting my cleats a bit and stripped the threads on one of the cleat plates / bolt of an SPD-SL (the forward-most bolt on the left shoe). I'm guessing that if I stripped one, that the ...

cleat cross-thread  
user avatar asked by John Doe Score of 1

Canyon Ultimate CF SL 7 2022 steerer tube compression plug stuck?

This is concerning my friend's Ultimate CF SL 7 (105) 2022. Ridden approx 5000 km so far. Everything's been fine, up until a recent ride, but now there was noticeable movement (in the direction of the ...

fork headset steerer carbon-fork canyon  
user avatar asked by nikUoM Score of 1

Hacking Bike Lights: SuperNova E3 Pro 2 with a TL3 Pro

My Challenge (besides trying to overcome the temptation of putting things together that don't quite belong) is trying to get the SuperNova E3 Pro 2 to keep the "parking mode" on with a TL3 ...

lighting electronics taillight  
user avatar asked by Daniel Score of 1
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