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Top new questions this week:

Can I avoid falling in the rain on a corner?

I was riding in the rain a few months ago and fell turning a 90° corner. Here are the details: Riding on a road bike with new 25mm smooth tires inflated to 100 psi (Cannondale Synapse with ...

road-bike tire safety road tire-pressure  
asked by Chris Schiffhauer 15 votes
answered by gschenk 23 votes

Why does this hollowtech crankset have play?

Background Shimano deore crankset (not XT) The crankset has done about 10000km (6200miles). It is from a touring bike. Most of those 10000km was done with the bicycle loaded (bags on both front ...

shimano crankset hollowtech  
asked by visano4588 6 votes
answered by Nathan Knutson 4 votes

What does the DIN number refer to ...?

I am working on understanding this document for an n55 trike frame build ... Particularly this line: M6 SELFLOCKING NUTS, stainless (DIN985) ...

frames build  
asked by j.a. 4 votes
answered by David D 8 votes

Ebike brake lever cutoff switch / interrupt switch : How does it work?

When pressing the brake lever on my ebike the bldc motor controller (aka ebike controller) 'cuts power' to the motor until the brake lever is released again/sensor is deactivated. I would love to know ...

electric-bike electric-power  
asked by Maarten -Monica for president 2 votes
answered by Criggie 5 votes

What is going on with my derailliuer?

Ok, I was on a ride a few months ago and while shifting, my chain came out of my derailleur. So this is a little confusing. Let me explain. The chain was resting on the outside of the bottom part of ...

asked by M Dabbs 1 vote

Converting a KHS FLITE 223 into a freewheel fixie?

I have this KHS Road bike that I got back in high school and was wondering if I'm able to convert it into a freewheel fixie (I think that's the right term) The bike does have vertical dropouts. Would ...

road-bike freewheel fixed-gear conversion  
asked by DeVo 1 vote
answered by Criggie 2 votes

Why forward-facing spokes should be "heads in", except on the drive side of the rear wheel?

Shimano service instructions for hubs show that out of the four sides, three should be "forward-facing spokes are heads-in", and one, the drive side on the rear wheel, the other way around: What is ...

wheels spokes wheel-building  
asked by Konstantin Shemyak 1 vote
answered by ojs 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why are higher-end freewheels so much louder when coasting?

I tend to ride relatively modest gear (Tiagra/Ultegra), but when I'm riding near higher-end bikes, I sometimes notice that the clicking sound that comes from their cassette/free-wheel while coasting ...

cassette freewheel noise  
asked by Micah Craig 44 votes
answered by Benzo 26 votes

How much of a difference will I notice going from a Mountain bike to a road bike?

I have a Mountain bike with 1.95 tyres on it. Most of the cycle path I take into work is fairly well paved/asphalted, I'm not going over any dirt tracks or anything like that although there is the odd ...

mountain-bike road-bike tire commuter  
asked by Omar Kooheji 19 votes
answered by Rory Alsop 29 votes

How do I stop my rim brakes making a squeaking/squealing sound?

I bought a Schwinn Frontier Sport few months ago and started riding happily. After a few weeks my front rim brakes started creaking. It's so annoying in public places. My rear brake doesn't produce ...

brakes rim-brake creak  
asked by pMan 21 votes
answered by joelmdev 26 votes

What is the difference between I.S., post, and flat mount disc brake mounting standards?

What is the difference between "I.S." (international standard), "P.M." (post mount), and flat mount disc brake mounting standards? Does one have a clear advantage over the other and is there a ...

brakes disc-brake design  
asked by RoboKaren 19 votes
answered by Nathan Knutson 35 votes

Can I ride home with a broken spoke?

I noticed a wobble in my back wheel while commuting in this morning. Broken spoke. Is this a problem that I should take care of before my 7 mile commute home, or can I pick up a spoke and repair it at ...

wheels repair  
asked by Precipitous 64 votes
answered by deemar 61 votes

How do I estimate how long it will take me to ride my commute?

How can a cyclist, new to commuting by bike and not all that experienced in riding, estimate how long a commute will take? I have been riding for 4 days to and from work. 156km over over 4 days. I'd ...

road-bike speed commuter  
asked by Tim Allars 7 votes
answered by zenbike 8 votes

When I pedal the rear wheel is not turning

I have a very old bike. It used to work perfectly, but just recently it happened that when I pedal the rear wheel is not turning. Just for notice I pedal in the correct direction, brakes are not ...

wheels pedals freewheel  
asked by Ben 6 votes
answered by Daniel R Hicks 5 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Is master cylinder hydraulic fluid level critical (Shimano)?

I managed to successfully bleed a Shimano hydraulic brake but used an improvised kit instead of the official Shimano one. Since I used a regular syringe instead of the funnel+plunger system which may ...

brakes shimano hydraulic-disc-brake  
asked by user3671607 1 vote
answered by Nathan Knutson 0 votes

Spoke wrench conversion master guide

I have a universal spoke wrench. It used to work on any spokes I've owned, until now. I have a bike with 2mm spokes. The nipples are between a 13 and 14 on the universal spoke wrench's sizes. I have ...

spokes nipples  
asked by Tom Mercer 1 vote

Modify a normal bike to suit my disability

I am disabled in my right arm (Brachial Plexus) I would like to improve my comfort on my bike.I would also to know about the braking system fitted on one side.

asked by user46718 1 vote
answered by Craig 0 votes
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