I have 27 x 1 1/4 inch tires on my bike and need to buy new tubes. Can I use 700c or just 27 inch?

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The size of the tube is usually written on the box. Tubes stretch a bit so they fit a variety of sizes. For a 27 x 1 1/4 tire you would need one that says 700x32 which is the equivalent new size of tube, although both the old system and new system are usually written on the packaging. This size is very common and you should be able to purchase the tube at any cycling store, or sports store that sells bikes. If you don't have any in your area, you should also be able to purchase tubes at any department store that sells bikes.

Also make sure that you get the right valve type. Schrader is the same valve that is used on cars, while Presta is the only found on bikes. An older 27 inch wheel will almost certainly use a Schrader valve. You should be able to see the difference quite easily. Also, there are different lengths of valves, although those are usually only found on Presta Valves. This can be a concern if you have deep rims. I try not to use valves that are too long for my rims because its sometimes difficult to attach the pump in these circumstances. Although having too short of a valves can make it impossible to attach a pump.

Here is a picture of a box showing the sizes of tires that the tube is designed for. This tube will fit tires from size 700x25 to 700x32, or in the case where you have older wheels like yourself, will fit 27 x 1.00 to 27 x 1 1/4. It has a presta Valve.

Tube Box

  • Just to clarify, similar to this answer which explicitly states that 27x1 1/8 wheels require a tube with a "28" in the range - for 27x1 1/4 wheels there must be "32" in the range. That is to say 700Cx23-28 would be too small/tight? Commented Jul 11 at 23:43

Yep, a standard 700C tube will fit a 27" tire (and most tube boxes bear multiple markings to indicate this). Just convert the inch width to mm to get the width of the 700C tube, if the box doesn't say the inch size.

Tires, of course, are a different matter -- there is enough difference in rim diameters between 27" and 700C tires (which don't stretch like tubes) that one will not fit the other.


I have peugeot 27 Inch wheeled bike. The Original tube is Michelin Airstop 550x 32 -35A confort 22x 1 3/8 32/37 -490 37-501.(not Schrader valves). This is written on the tube exactly above in sequence. Hence the metric figures.

  • Does it really have the typo? For the record, 409-50mm1 is significantly smaller than 27" or 630mm so I seriously doubt this is the original tube.
    – ojs
    Commented Jun 11, 2018 at 14:40

Kibbee's answer seems to give the impression that inner tubes need to be in the range of 700x32C, where "32" is the "magic" number, in order to fit a 27x1.25" wheel, and that was the premise that I was working from.

So, when I came across these Vandoorn inner tubes that are for 700x23-28C, so I had initially discounted them as being too small. However, upon closer inspection, they are also stated to fit 27x1.25" wheels:

Inner tubes: 700x23-28C

I have fitted one of these to a 21x1.25" wheel and it fit perfectly, without any untoward stretching or tightness.

So, maybe, it might be more accurate to say that either 28 to 32 are appropriately size inner tubes for 27x1.25" wheels. Unless, of course, the size equivalence varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, due to material elasticity.

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