What is the purpose of the material connecting the fingers on some pairs of cycling gloves?

Gloves with attached fingers


It's used to pull the gloves off without them going inside out. Don't pull too hard, or they will rip. A gentle even pull should be enough to remove the gloves.

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    Yep, this allows the gloves to be removed without "stripping" them off. "Stripping" (pulling from the wrist end and turning them inside-out) is recommended otherwise. (To get them right-side-out put them on the wrong hands and "strip" them off again.) If you pull off sweaty or wet gloves by tugging at the individual finger stubs it generally causes the stitching there to disintegrate fairly rapidly. Jun 30 '13 at 19:58
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    On some gloves there are little flaps at the fingers (look like tiny pockets). These serve the same function.
    – Ken Hiatt
    Jul 1 '13 at 5:58

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