What should one look for when picking Chamois Creme? Are there ingredients to stay away from or that should be in a quality creme?

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I would look for the following:

  • Doesn't transition from smooth (good) to sticky (bad) over the course of a long ride
  • Easy to apply before a ride, and during if needed
  • Reasonably easy to wash off from both skin and shorts
  • Hypoallergenic if possible. Even if you're not initially allergic to the ingredients, it's possible to develop something after enough use -- happened to me with sunscreen during a summer of touring.

I've been using BodyGlide for randonneuring for about 3 years now and it meets all of my criteria. It comes in a deodorant stick format which is easy to apply and doesn't seem to break down even on 600km rides (although it does need re-application every 200-300km). The only problem is it doesn't ever completely wash out of the chamois, but that almost seems like a plus.

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