I am rebuilding a Shimano HB-M475 front hub, but having trouble finding the replacement cones. This one has the M9 axle, but all of the replacement cones I have found are for a M10 axles. I need to know where I can find these cones for a 9 mm axle.

  • I bought some new cones for my Shimano hub from this vendor back in July. Dunno if they have yours. Also purchased an entire new hub from this vendor. Eventually replaced the entire wheel (through Peter White), though, since the original hub was apparently bent and it was cheaper to buy a new wheel than to rebuild. – Daniel R Hicks Oct 21 '13 at 21:29
  • I am also rebuilding a Shimano HB-M475 front hub with 9 mm axle. I only find front M10 replacement cones. Where did you end up buying your cones for your Shimano 9 mm axle? – Julius Seizure Apr 16 '20 at 21:11

According to this Shimano TechDoc, the axle of HB-M475 (Front hub, 100mm OLD, 6-bolt disc mount) is M10.

If you find a different model number marked on the hub, Shimano techdocs are listed here.

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