Really, I have two questions. But first, I see no place to put a wrench on this hub. Well, there is one small notch on one side on the dust cap (on the other side). How do I get this hub apart? It's wobbly and I want to repack it. enter image description here

The other problem, of course, is the several metal damage from my cassette. Once I get it apart, I can see if it's possible to replace that part... we'll see.

Really, I'm just looking for the proper procedure to get this thing apart!



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Its likely disassembles in one of two ways:

  1. two cone wrenches (one on each side of the hub) to remove the jam nuts. This is the likely option. From your photo it looks like there is a flat spot on the jam nut.
  2. two hex wrenches (one on each side of the hub) that fit into the axle end.

enter image description here

Two videos demonstrating these techniques:

  • looks like those video links are now dead. Thanks AOL =(
    – tir38
    Commented Nov 9, 2015 at 21:06

Try putting either 8 or 6 mm hex wrenches in both axle ends and rotating counterclockwise. A lot of newish hubs are simply held together with threaded composite axles..

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