It would be helpful to have a collection of common head tube badges to aid in identifying bicycles.


  • Include a photo! (Credit photo where appropriate)
  • A brief summary of the logo: manufacture, area, date logo was used and on what bikes
  • It is okay to give specific information such as an exact year and model of bicycle. As more users lend their expertise this information can be generalized.
  • Edit previous answers: add different logos used by that manufacturer, improve summaries, etc.
  • Even badges with the manufacturer clearly identified can be helpful (ie. for dating purposes or if someone is trying to match a silhouette or damaged badge).
  • This Wikipedia page is a good resource to start with, but here we can add more information, such as when a badge was used and for what models.

Contents (as of 2/12/14):


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    I thought this would be helpful for identifying bikes / models, and tried to follow the format of the terminology index. Also similar to this question. Past questions which could have been helped: here and here.
    – superdesk
    Feb 12 '14 at 13:12

Public Head Tube Badge

Manufacturer: Public Bikes (San Francisco, 2013)

Bike(s): R16 (Road bike) and other models


enter image description here

Manufacturer: Ralreigh (Heron Badge)

Bike(s): Found on late 70's, early 80's road bike

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