I've been thinking in changing my v-brakes to disc brakes. Now that my rear v-brake can't brake anymore I think that it is time change it. I've already seen this article. My frame is prepared for disc and, as I don't want to change my brake lever, I'll go with mechanical brakes (does this look ok?);

The only problem is the rear wheel hub that has not the six holes for the disk. Is it ok if I just change the rear wheel hub and keep the front one?

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Typically, the front brake is more important if not as important as the rear brake, so you'd be better off swapping to a front disc (plus, if you are buying genuine Avid BB7's, they're sold as a front and rear kit IIRC). If you don't have a disc ready wheelset, you just need to get a disc ready wheel set (the front wheel is relatively cheap compared to a rear wheel) - I don't really see the point of reusing a rim in this case, since it will likely not be cost effective [and I never approve of reusing spokes].

Also, check the condition of the levers and use new cables + cable housing when replacing the brake.

Good luck!

P.S. It is spelled "brake", not "break".

(Note that this will all be significant in cost relative to putting on a new V-brake (Avid Single Digit 5's are under 20 dollars a piece. If you put in a new FR-5 lever and new cable housing and cable, you'll still be under 40 dollars - this may be a better option if you were satisfied with v-brake performance [obviously, you can opt for better V-brakes, pads and levers for not much more, but the point still stands that a good V-brake is significantly cheaper than a disc conversion, and decent levers really aren't that expensive]. Make sure this replacement is economical on the bike you're using - in some cases, with cheaper disc-ready frames, you're actually better off selling the current bike and getting something with disc brakes on it already!)

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    +1: Top quality properly maintained V brakes out perform cheap disks in 99% of situations and will be within a hairs breath of BB7's. IMHO Its just not worth the cost and effort.
    – mattnz
    Mar 17, 2014 at 21:51

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