We inherited a Huffy Stone Mountain 26" mountain bike. We live on the 3rd floor of a walkup. It is quite difficult for her to carry the bike up and down the stairs. It has a fork with a spring suspension. Other parts of the bike look normal. When I pick up the bike, it seems to be front heavy. I'm not sure how much the bike is worth now...maybe $50 bucks maybe a little more? Is it worth trying to tweak it to make it lighter or should I just trade this one in?

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    hi-tensile steel frames are very heavy!
    – dotjoe
    Aug 26 '10 at 14:27

Difficult to say without knowing more about the bike, but I'd trade it in for a better bike; Huffy has a rep for low-end, tank-like bikes. From your description, you'd need to replace the frame and front fork to see any significant weight savings.

Something with an aluminum frame like a hybrid bike would probably be easier to carry up the stairs, even though aluminum will give you a harsher ride.

Suspension forks are heavy, particularly on low-end bikes. Suspension usually makes sense for off-road riding. If your wife mostly rides on pavement, you can get a bike without suspension of any kind.

  • A lot of good common sense in your answer. Much appreciated!
    – milesmeow
    Aug 26 '10 at 4:39
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    My wife started with a Raleigh cruiser, which she could barely lift over her head to hang it on the wall. We bought her a Specialized Dolce Sport, and she can practically throw it in the air it's so much lighter. We were both amazed at how much easier is it to move, and she has a lot easier time riding (less weight = faster, and way more endurance). It was well worth the expense. Aug 26 '10 at 4:45

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