I'm looking to do a bit of light touring and want to outfit an old mountain bike to be up to the task. But most of the bikes I'm looking at have some crappy/mid-range suspension on them, which – to my understanding – only adds weight and an additional point of failure (at least from the perspective of touring).

What I'm wondering about is, is it possible to buy a fixed fork for a bike and replace the suspension?

If so, what sort of things should I watch out for?

  • Definitely doable - here are the relevant measurements that you need to keep track of (along with the link that Vorac showed). You may want to get a bike shop to install the fork for you. Park Tool also has some nice directions for setting up the fork. – Batman May 10 '14 at 13:26

This should not be a problem. A decent Al-fork will easily replace a crappy 'suspension' fork. You'll just need to check for the right length and diameter of the stem and maybe replace the direction bearing as well.

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