I must've bought this like 4-5 years ago. My fat ass never got around to using it. I've since lost the Cateye watch I bought with it.

  1. Can anyone identify the model?
  2. Do you know if it has a ANT+ sensor?

enter image description here

There are no model number identifiers on the product. Removing the battery cap reveals nothing. Searches are turning up nothing. I'd like to keep it, buy another ANT+ watch and start working out finally. But don't want to buy NOS gear if it's not within my interest to do so.



It is not ANT+ - only the HR-11 is listed on "thisisant.com" (and its too old to be ANT+)

I suspect it will analogue - most likely would be Polar compatible but cannot be certain. There are Cateye digital monitors, and also ANT+ monitors, the digital ones have "Digital" written on them, which is why I suspect analogue

Best option (IMHO) would be to turf it and go ANT+... The other go down to a local gym, or find a someone with Polar compatible gear and see if their gear picks it up (put in a new battery). But what will you do if you can find this out - buy a new watch based on obsolete technology?

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    Thanks! You're right. This is too old to salvage. Maybe I could resell if someone needs a replacement. I'm thinking I'm going to go ANT+ and use IpBike! I still have a Cateye Strada/Cadence wired computer. But this IpBike on Android is looking sick.
    – Tai Sem
    Dec 8 '14 at 2:01
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    @TaiSem You do seem to end up with a collection of these things, I have 3 different ones - one to suit my Garmin, one for Polar stuff down at the gym, and a third somewhere that hooks up to the turbo head unit.
    – PeteH
    Dec 8 '14 at 8:33

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