I discussed today foreign ambulance guys and they told stories about sliced bicyclists in an ex-communist country. The country in itself is not special but rather the fact that it lacks proper roads for cars, it then again means that it is blatantly dangerous ride the zig-zag roads along with 100km/h speed limits or more that are not even designed for such speeds.

So I want to gather here countries that do not have such problems. I planned my road along such zig-zag road with Google Maps but after hearing the story and seeing the conditions, I decided to get a local bus over the dangerous area.

Before I continue towards South, I would like to know which countries to avoid inside EU.


  1. European Long-distance-paths here
  2. European Cyclists Federation here, some paths suggested
  3. Some research done from Europe

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Tricky question to answer.

Is London better because it has lots of official bike lanes, bike stop signs and bike crossings? But it also has a huge amount of traffic and lots of heavy trucks and busses in small streets.

Cambridge has little official support for bikes (it periodically bans them from areas of the city) but because there is relatively little traffic and a lot of bikes it's pretty good to cycle in.