I'm considering the purchase of a fat bike with a Rock Shox Bluto Fork. This fork takes a 150x50mm Maxle Light and 150mm hub.

However, since winter is coming and I'll likely be riding in slop and sub-freezing temps which may affect shock performance and increase the amount of maintenance required, I would like to possibly run a rigid fork during the winter.

Are there any rigid forks (steel, aluminum, or carbon) on the market that will accept the 150mm hub standard or would I need to build a totally new front wheel?

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    A lot of fat bike forks from Salsa/Surly, e.g. Salsa Bearpaw? – Batman Jan 7 '15 at 19:16
  • Agreed, the Salsa BearPaw 150 looks like it should work. There probably isn't a lot out there. I think the default standard for fatbike front has been 135 for a bit. – Deleted User Jan 7 '15 at 20:21
  • Probably "a lot" was the wrong term. Bearpaw is aluminum. A few others I found with a quick Google search were: Surly Ice Cream Truck (steel) is now 150 in the front, looks like Framed sells the Alaskan (aluminum), and LaMere sells some carbon fiber thing. – Batman Jan 8 '15 at 2:22
  • Check out Borealis Echo, it was announced yesterday as rigid Bluto alternative. There are also options from China, judging by posts on mtbr. – Klaster_1 Jan 8 '15 at 5:43
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    You could upgrade the Bluto rather than swapping it out: fat-bike.com/2014/12/… – Emyr Jan 9 '15 at 10:15

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