What's the difference between a Mongoose that has logo stamped on frame and a Mongoose with no stamp on it?

  • The lack of a stamp. – Vorac Feb 24 '15 at 8:45

Newer frames tend to have serial numbers as a sticker rather than a stamp because it is cheaper. Having a stamped serial # or a sticker has almost nothing to do with the quality of the bicycle.

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    I was referring to the logo stamp not the serial # stamp. – 1Cwbysfn Feb 25 '15 at 3:54

You mean the head-tube badge? My mongoose road bike has a black and chrome curved thing which stands about 2mm out from the red paint and metal of head tube. enter image description here

GUESS: The road bikes are trying to look like old-school bikes with decals, whereas mountain bikes don't care so much.

To be honest head tube badges don't do anything for you or your bike, other than perhaps a bit of paint / stone chip protection.

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