Need to identify this cool bike in hopes to restore it.

Serial # M3 G2058 Decals read: GT 4130 CRO MO, and TEAM on one It appears to have been Chrome with decals and since painted over?enter image description here

Thanks to all who try to help us.

BTW - Cool site!

enter image description here

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The one piece seat-stay/chain-stay construction looks like a Hutch* from the early 80's however, having both the left & right side stays made from one bent tube doesn't match up exactly with anything I have looked at while browsing the BMX Museum. It might be something from the late 70s (they only have from 1980 on pictured there). Or it might be a knock-off cheap copy of the Hutch design. That might be a good place to continue your search.

Based on the eBay prices of some of these bikes, I'd say you've likely got yourself a valuable project on your hands!

*I picked Hutch based on one that was similar looking on eBay that came up in a search for "bicycle gt 4130 cro mo team".

  • Got this data today ... M = Merida (Taiwan) 3 = Nineteen 83 G = July 2058 = frame production # - Similar to a "Mongoose" frame
    – Poppa K
    Mar 20, 2015 at 4:54
  • Glad you found it! Were the BMX Museum people able to help you decode the "VIN"?
    – FreeMan
    Mar 20, 2015 at 12:02

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