I have a kurt Kinetic trainer. I find that it's sometimes hard to remove the bike from the trainer, as the knobs are really hard to turn. I thought about putting grease on the threads which clamp on the skewer. Is this a good idea or not? Am I likely overtightening the tension?

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According to an email I received from Kurt Kinetic, lubricating the threads is part of normal maintenance. I had to do it because my KK Rock&Roll started making an awful sound. Lubricating the threads fixed this.

Below is the response I received from them.

We're happy to hear that the trainer provides such great companionship on > those dark and cold evenings!

Below you'll find a basic trainer maintenance video that will address the squeaking noise that does not come from the elastomers.

In addition, please ensure that you're performing regular bike maintenance to eliminate any of other potential squeaking sources.

  • Thanks, this was exactly what I needed. I'll be using chain lube to lube the threaded bits on my Kurt Kinetic trainer.
    – Benzo
    Nov 19, 2015 at 14:15

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