I need a tyre that is really durable, puncture resistance, folding, lightweight and good for rocky (sometimes loose) and dry terrain. I work as a guide in Georgia (Caucasus) and my tyres wear out too quickly.

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    Avoiding specific tyres (since product recs are off-topic on this site), a kevlar layer is good for puncture resistance (a belt, not a bead). Durability is more difficult - I know there is something called the Shore Scale which is used to measure the hardness of rubber compounds (presumably you'd want something quite hard) but as far as I know this scale has not caught on with bicycle tyres.
    – PeteH
    May 8 '15 at 19:41
  • I tend to think that lightweight on the one side and puncture resistance and durability on the other side don't go along well. I have my puncture resistant tyres for about 40000 km now (mostly on asphalt, little gravel), but they're definitively not lightweight. May 10 '15 at 17:08

I really like some of the WTB tires. Specifically the Bronson and the Weirwolf. It's tough to find a tire that's going to do it all, but I think WTB is a good mix between weight and durability. I also really like the traction of those two tires in a lot of varying conditions.

When you say "they wear out too quickly" how quickly are we talking? How many miles/rides/weeks...

Another thing to consider, if you are riding tubeless (or willing to do the conversion) I have had really good luck with Stan's sealant to keep punctures to a minimum.

Also, are the tires wearing out due to treadwear, punctures, sidewall tears? Those two tires are a really good balance all around but if you have specific concerns/issues, you might get some better recommendations.

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