My bicycle has a label saying size 19" . What is the tire size for my bicycle and the what is the inner tube size?

  • I'm guessing the 19" value is printed on the frame somewhere, not on the tire or wheel. Look VERY CAREFULLY on the side of the tire for measurements -- You will see something like 24x1-3/4 or 24x1.75, and usually just before that a cryptic number like 45-507. Find the numbers, write them down, then report back, (Or refer to Sheldon, the god of bicycle technical info.) May 24, 2015 at 20:48

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According to the Bicycle Blue Book, this thing shipped with 700c wheels and 700x38 tires.

So, you need 700x38 tires (or something similar, e.g. 700x35) and a tube which is rated for 700x38 tires (these are sold by ranges, e.g. 700x38-45 tubes).

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