So I broke my second front wheel last night when I hit a dip that rose too quickly for my wheel to climb before all my weight went behind it. I'm a big guy (300+ lbs), so my wheels need to be able to take a beating.

Right now I have a 2014 Specialized Rockhopper Comp 29er with the original fork, tires, and just about everything except the peddles and wheels. I upgraded to Mavic CrossOnes last year after I taco'ed the original front wheel on a hard turn.

I am getting tired of replacing these wheels. It is getting a bit expensive too. So I want to find some really tough rims and from what I read you need to get wheels that have a wider inner rim. The Mavics are 19mm if I remember correctly.

I am thinking about upgrading to a DT Swiss EX 471 29er rim which has a 25mm inner width. But I would like to stick with the ground control tires I already have and really like.

Would my 2.1" Ground Control tire work on this wider rim? I am also considering going tubeless. Also, any recommendations for stronger wheels for my heavy body?


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According the Sheldon need 25mm for a 2.1"

A downhill wheel tends to be strong (and heavier)


Yes. Here's a tire size to rim width chart from Schwalbe.

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