I have wider feet. I would like to find a clipless shoe that is on the wider side. What clipless shoes offer multiple widths? What clipless shoes are naturally wide?

I currently just have (standard width) North-West clipless shoes. If I leave them on the looser side, they are reasonably comfortable.

Other notes:

  • Looking for something as stiff as possible.
  • Mountain clipless not road clipless
  • Keens are my go-to hiking shoe, because of their width.
  • As requested by batmat in the comments, my shoe size is 43 or 10
  • It would help if you listed your foot size (My sneakers are US 13 or occasionally US 12) -- the selection will vary a lot on the higher and lower ends of normal foot sizes.
    – Batman
    Commented Sep 2, 2015 at 19:58
  • @Batman Updated question. Commented Sep 2, 2015 at 20:16

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To start, Keen makes a commuter bike sandal that is clipless, so you may look into that if you like the fit of Keens. I know that Specialized makes wide sizes in their shoes as does Lake. There may be others out there, but that is what I am immediately familiar with.

As far what to avoid, most of the European companies (especially the Italian companies like Sidi) tend toward a fit that is aimed at a narrower foot. Sidi, makes a Mega option that is supposed to be wide (I believe), but I haven't ever seen a pair to try and the regular Sidis fit me horribly (I also have a wide foot).


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