I've test ridden the Synapse Sora 7 and love it! Going to buy it! But i've one concern. I'd like to know if I can ride my Synapse on the same terrain as seen along the Paris-Roubaix? I've seen the Cannondale Synapse in action at the Paris-Roubaix with Ruben Zepuntke. But his bike is a special model, mine isn't. So can my 2015 Cannondale Synapse Sora 7 withstand a normal Paris-Roubaix route? My LBS clerk responded with "i'm not sure" when I asked that question.


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The bike can withstand it. The question remains whether the ride can withstand it. As for the bike, there are a handful of issues that are more likely to arise on such rides:

  • Filthy chain and gears. Clean after each dirty ride. Lube chain regularly. Replace chain every one or two thousand miles, in accordance with a chain wear gauge.
  • Pinch flats. You want low pressure in the tyres for comfort, but not so low that they pinch when running over gaps, ruts, and stones. Use higher-volume tires such as 28mm ("28c") ones, but try them out in the store to make sure they fit your particular bike.
  • Eventually, blown spokes. You will probably break a spoke if you ride on such terrain for thousands of kilometers. This depends a lot on your weight and riding style.
  • Random bits getting loose. Check the bike after every long ride for loose fasteners. Use Loc-tite where appropriate.

The above would apply to any performance-oriented bike to some degree. A more expensive road bike like the professionals use is of little advantage--what you really need is a team mechanic who looks after all these issues every day.

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