Is it possible to run Shimano front chain rings(xt 36/26)with xx1 for the rest of the drive chain? Currently running xx1 with 30 upfront. Loving it although am concerned I will need smaller gearing for a 7 day stage race.Si I am contemplating going to a double ring in front.Will also try a 28 in front but fear will run out of gears on flat sections.

Is it possible to keep the rear set up 42/10 xx1 and add a double in front (xt ??)

Please help. I'm trying not to to change whole set up for financial reasons while i definitely don't want any issues during the event

  • Are you in NZ? If so ask the bike mechanics thread on Vorb, there's a couple of guys who know 11 speeds on there.
    – DWGKNZ
    Oct 19 '15 at 2:18

So obviously you'll need front shifter and derailleur that'll fit the cockpit, brand doesn't matter for the front.

XT front rings need to be 11 speed! since they come in different thickness for different chains/speeds.

99% you need a new/longer chain. Going 30 to 36 will give that rear derailleur a nice pull.

That being said it's a bit of a hit miss, some people find it works OK, some find they have to very careful due to the range extremes. Then again if you never cross-chain, you may not notice.

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