This question, What's the cause of the tyre cut, got me wondering if there is anything that can, or should, be done to repair small cuts in the tread of a tire. As I was looking at the damage to the tire it seemed like a bit of Shoe Goo or a similar substance might help to keep the tire from picking up other foreign material that might either work its way into causing a puncture or further damage the tire in some way.

Or is there nothing worth doing for a small cut like that?

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    There is nothing practical that you can do to repair a cut in a tire. Using goo in the cut would only make it more likely to pick up other junk. – Daniel R Hicks Nov 10 '15 at 3:29

We've tried at the local bike coop, and nothing really works. A shim or boot on the inside helps but putting anything on the outside won't last.

Even using rubber cement and a puncture plug (like a car tyre) doesn't stick very well because bike tyres are not very thick, so there is insufficient "meat" for the plug to bond to. If you make the plug longer, it becomes a spike aimed at your tube and pressing in every rotation.

Prevention is the only option, and that's not always a viable answer.

Narrower tyres could help too, you're sweeping a thinner ribbon of roadway with your rubber.

Someone else might like to comment on tyre sweeper wires, but I've never used them and to my mind the damage is already done once your wheel has ridden over the sharp thing once.

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    That tyre is dead and needs replacing. In the old days (race-)cyclists had a piece of stiff wire attached to the brake-bolt that would skim the surface of the tyre thus removing grit and bits before they could embed any deeper. I have tried it when for a while my daily ride took me over a stretch of thin gravel and I always had tiny stones sticking to the rubber. The wires kept the surface clean but they need careful adjustment. – Carel Nov 10 '15 at 8:36

Try taking the tire off the rim, an use Krazy glue to shut-close the cut. Then boot the tire from the inside. If you have an old useless inner tube, cut a nice piece and use it to glue it inside the tire. I have put about well over 2000 miles after I did three of these repairs from 1" screw-incurred flats on my rear tire in my commuter bike.

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