I'm looking for a rear rack for my Bike Friday New World Tourist (20" wheels). I've come across a bunch of rear racks like this one that sit high above the wheel. But I'm searching for one that is not so high - I want a lower height rack that will not block my rear light (clamped to the seatpost) when I put my bag on top of the rear rack and that will let the weight of my bag sit lower so that I have a lower center of gravity.

Where can I find this?

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    The product recommendation question is off topic, but the general answer you want is "look at racks for folding bikes" because that is where you'll find small wheels. – Móż Dec 6 '15 at 20:02
  • It sounds like quite a specialised bike, I think your best option might be to contact the manufacturer – PeteH Dec 6 '15 at 21:07
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    Consider finding a cheap normal rack and modify it for your needs. – Criggie Dec 6 '15 at 21:17
  • @Criggie thanks for the idea, but modifying a normal rack would be almost as difficult as fabricating one from scratch. With most standard racks, there is a triangle formed by three tubes that join together near where the rack mounts on the dropout. That intersection determines the height of the rack. – Mike Eng Dec 9 '15 at 3:04
  • @MikeEng Yes exactly. Most racks are made of steel tubing which can be carefully bent or realigned with nothing more than a bench vice and a good hand tug I've done it myself, converting a rack to be longer so it works as a rear mudguard/fender. You could cut the posts short, flatten them to a tang in the vice or some judicious hammer work, drill a new hole through the fresh flat and go from there. Check ebay or gumtree or craigslist for cheap racks - a donor one might cost you $5 used. If you were in Christchurch, NZ I'd offer to help. – Criggie Dec 9 '15 at 8:50

The Biologic Portage Tern seems to fit the bill.

enter image description here

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