I have recently lost my bracket axle unit of my XT 2016 m8000 rear derailleur. My friend will be mailing me his XTR 2016 di2 bracket axle unit. Is it compatible/will it fit? I just wanted to know before i buy an after market bracket axle unit from(Goat Link by wolftooth components).


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Here is the Shimano Exploded View PDF for the Di2 mech (pdf download):

And for your XT one (pdf download):

enter image description here

What you can see from those documents is that the Bracket Axle Unit aka B-Axle is very different between XT and XTR Di2.

I would expect them not to be compatible.

  • thanks for this! you've saved me and my friend the hassle... Commented Dec 17, 2015 at 22:19

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