Please, help me identify (i wanna know "the model") this bike you see at the picture.

enter image description here

Thank you so much, guys!

  • What is the brand of the taillight on the rack?
    – paparazzo
    Jan 24, 2016 at 17:09
  • Frisbee,oh just crap lights.Just need to find out the model and features of that bike.Thank you. Jan 24, 2016 at 18:11
  • 1
    Thanks, I am looking for a (crap) light like that for my rack.
    – paparazzo
    Jan 24, 2016 at 18:33
  • 1
    A photo from the right side of the bike is better, it shows more detail of the transmission area. What else is written on the bike other than "Staiger" ? Is it made from steel, aluminium, or something else? When did you get it? Where from? Was it new when you got it? Can you ask the previous owner for further information?
    – Criggie
    Jan 24, 2016 at 20:20

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Initial answer: Google says that Staiger is a German bike company. http://www.staiger-fahrrad.de/

Curiously, none of their current range has any resemblance to your frame shape - that weird shortened toptube is quite unusual.

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