I have a norco 7.1 charger 2015 bike. I'm looking to put some miles on a turbo trainer


I'm a noob who need to know if it's possible for me:

a)get a tyre that will fit my rim


b)get a cheap and nasty rim to fit 27.5 1.25inch tyre

  • As far a your option b, it can be difficult to find a decent quality 27.5 wheel and tire on a budget. There is no reason you couldn't use a used 26" wheel and a slick tire. It wouldn't have to be a disc wheel since brakes aren't needed on the trainer.
    – mikes
    Commented Feb 23, 2016 at 1:36

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Trainers are hard on bikes and on tyres/tires. You want a cheap hard-wearing tyre for the rear. Grip and tread are mostly irrelevant, and even a mostly worn tyre is probably fine. Get every bit of usage out of the rubber.

Some people choose to have a spare rear wheel to swap out for convenience, because that's less work than swapping the tyre.

Others have a dedicated trainer bike permanently mounted in the trainer. Sometimes they even have no front wheel, purely for space saving.

Aside - Consider setting up a fan to replicate the passage of air. Its hot and sweaty working on a trainer without airflow.

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