I ordered a middle chainring (39T) to change on my 105 5703 chainset. I didn't realise until it arrived that it specifies it is for a double chainset. Does this mean it will not fit on the triple? I suppose I could try it and see, but it is still packed so it could be exchanged.

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According to the service instructions for the Shimano FC-5703, this crank is a 50D/39D/30T tooth pattern.

The 2 upper rings are "double" with only the 30t identified as a triple ring.

FC-5703 Service Instructions

This is not the case with all triple cranks, but with yours, that should be the correct chainring.

  • Thanks for the detailed reply. I decided to try it beforehand anyway as I needed to use the bike. It fits and works perfectly.
    – Sean
    Apr 3, 2016 at 16:01

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