At the rear wheel gear, the gear does not change from the 7th gear to the 6th gear when i change the gear in the handlebar once. But the next time i do it it changes. So, if the manual in the handlebar shows 5th gear,it is actually the 6th gear. What should i do?

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    There are many same questions in the forum. You can find even very detailed answers out there. Mainly it's because the gears aren't adjusted properly. – Alexander May 1 '16 at 7:09
  • You adjust the derailer. The symptoms you describe suggest that the cable tension needs adjustment -- something that every semi-serious cyclist should know how to adjust. – Daniel R Hicks May 1 '16 at 12:03

It sounds as though your cable needs to be adjusted.

On the rear dérailleur there will be a barrel adjuster where the cable enters the mech. You can increase the cable tension by rotating the barrel adjuster anti-clockwise and loosen it by (you guessed it!) rotating it clockwise.

By getting the cable tension right you should be able to get more accurate shifting.

Park Tools have a great guide to this on their website. You want section 6 on that page, which deals with indexing (the process of achieving accurate shifting).

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