My son won this bike at work, and never got a chance to use it before moving for a job. He has asked me to sell it but I don't know anything about it or how much it's worth. Any help would be appreciatedenter image description here


Looks like a fairly generic beach cruiser to me. The wide saddle (seat) implies a comfort bike.

There's no suspension, but the tyres (tires) look fairly wide so it should roll over most street things without a problem.

I cannot see any brakes - either they're not installed yet, or it may be a coaster brake in the rear wheel. There are no disk brake lugs on the front fork, so it has to be rim brakes.

Its either a single speed/fixed speed, or there might be a internally-geared hub in the middle of the rear wheel.

Full mudguards (fenders) would mean this is fine to ride on wet days.

The only odd thing I can see is the metal disks in the middle of the rear wheel - they may be packing protectors for the mechanicals back there, or they may be some part of the chaincase protection.

We don't do pricing or valuations here, but its a new bike. You could assemble it and ride it yourself, or list it on ebay/CL for a low start. It is worth whatever someone is prepared to pay for it.

Or you could keep it for the grandchildren :-P

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